The servers of Among Us were unable to authenticate you for a error message fix

The servers of Among Us were unable to authenticate you for a error message fix ...

Despite Among Us''s minimal size, players delving into the game may be subjected to unexpected glitches or errors. A more common error is when you are incapable of creating/Find a game and receive a message that many of them may not authenticate you. Try the above fixes to resolve the issue.

Ensure you are signed in

Once you open Among Us, you will be asked to sign in, continue as guest, or play Offline. Although players may select the latter two methods, it is advised to sign in to play the game. There have been instances where guests are dealing with authentication difficulties, so it''s better to sign in, and if you haven''t had a password, it only takes a few minutes to create one.

Change the server

One of the major causes for the authentication error is the wrong server being chosen. To check if you have the correct server selected, click on the globe icon on the bottom right of the screen. Ensure you have the correct server selected or it anyways to see if the issue occurs.

Using VPN

If the issue persists, try using a VPN. There are several decent VPNs available online, from free to paid. However, make sure you are using a trusted VPN if you go this route, as dangerous VPNs can infect your system.

The game''s size is quite small, but you may delete it before reinstalling it. A tab can be found on the official Twitter account of Among Us to see if scheduled maintenance is underway or if many players are confronted with the same issue globally.