Monster Hunter Rise is the best starting weapon for new hunters

Monster Hunter Rise is the best starting weapon for new hunters ...

Many weapons in Monster Hunter Rise are difficult to pick up and even harder to master. A select few, however, are great for new hunters coming into the series for the first time. The Sword and Shield, Lance, and Switch Axe are all examples of a relatively straightforward but effective playstyle with plenty of room for maneuvering. Here''s why you should start with one of these weapons.

Why should you choose the Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Sword and Shield''s advanced moveset, including backstepping into a Charged Slash, Perfect Rush, and using items mid-combo, are likely to come naturally as you use the weapon. Keep your guard up whenever you encounter a new monster, which is perfect for fear of reprisal.

Why should you choose the Lance in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Lance is, at its core, a hidden weapon from behind your shield. It also has a side hop with generous invincibility frames you will want to learn quickly. Then, once your guard is close, poking away with them. This time, you''ll be able to add additional moves and move cancels as you become acquainted with the weapon. Guard Up jewels will help you stay in the fight while on the defensive.

What are the disadvantages of using the Switch Axe in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Switch Axe''s combo design is very new-player friendly. One or two uses of the basic combo (Triangle/Y x2 -> Circle/X -> Triangle/Y ) is usually enough to fill the weapons Amp Guage, which provides a bit of extra damage. It is also dangerous against tougher monsters, as you will still take damage from their attacks while still attaching to them, but it''s time it''s right, and you''ll put almost anything in the ground quickly and