How to Get Stardust in the Disney Mirrorverse

How to Get Stardust in the Disney Mirrorverse ...

In this mobile game, Disney Mirrorverse encounters heroes and villains alike against monsters. There are several approaches to unlock them. One of the benefits of Stardust is the ability to save money when it comes to buying a guardian.

The types of Stardust in the Disney Mirrorverse are explained.

In this screenshot, there are four different types of Stardust in the Disney Mirrorverse: red Melee dust, yellow Ranged dust, blue Tank dust, and green Support dust. This is because each of these four categories of guardians is tied together. This is because you get a portion of dust when you pull a new guardian from the portal.

You can get Stardust with orbs, and the orbs themselves can either be purchased with orbs during missions or purchased in-game with real-world money. It''s not a simple form of consolation prize when you pull from the portal, but it is also a good way to get the guardians you really want.

How to spend Stardust in Disney Mirrorverse

If you want to spend Stardust on guardians, go to the store. The bottom tab is for Stardust purchases. The selection here rotates every few hours, but the screenshot above shows you what it looks like. You may also get Stardust for a guardian who isn''t in the current rotation, so make sure that you have a backup character. Note that you can usually only buy singles of high-value characters.