New Release Date for Survivor 43, plus a number of more episodes ahead!

New Release Date for Survivor 43, plus a number of more episodes ahead! ...

When it comes toSurvivor 43, there are a few interesting headlines to look into, and it goes beyond just the premiere date.

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On Wednesday, September 21, the reality juggernaut will begin airing at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, but this season, there will be a two-hour premiere. There are always a wide spectrum of contestants who, to be honest, aren''t aware. More time is, and hopefully it''s spent on other people rather than crazy twists.

This isn''t the only extended episode that will be confirmed for the upcoming season, as the network has also revealed that on September 28, you will receive a 90-minute episode of both this show and The Amazing Race. It''s hard to think historically for a show that has existed for over two decades, but this is the mostSurvivorcontent we can ever remember early in the season. We hope that this is preparing the stage for a tumultuous new stuff on the road.

Hopefully, a cast reveal will be held at the end of August or the start of September; there will probably be no significant difference in it versus the previous two seasons. CBS is going once more with all-new players and probably three tribes, as theyve discovered that this is one of the best ways to keep everyone stand out. In the meantime, 20 players is often a little bit for a season of this length.

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