Why is the season 13 premiere date for Blue Bloods so late?

Why is the season 13 premiere date for Blue Bloods so late? ...

Earlier today, CBS revealed the full fall schedule, and there may be a surprise for people who are expecting Blue Bloodsseason 13. While the Tom Selleck series is absolutely still coming this fall, it is a bit later than a lot of people expect.

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On Friday, October 7, there will be a Friday, October 7, with the new dramaFire Country. For those wondering, this is the most recentBlue Bloodspremiere date ever, excluding season 11 which was impacted by the global health catastrophe. Last year, the show began on October 1; before season 11, there wasnt a year where it began after September.

Why should the future premiere be taken care of? There are a few ideas for it. We think that at the same time, CBS is becoming more cautious about starting Friday shows too early, because a lot of viewers and families might be outdoors doing a variety of things. However, it may also be considering the time required to get a new show inFire Countryready. Given that Max Thieriot is juggling both it and his role in the Paramount+ showSEAL Team.Its shooting dates could have an impact

For the time being, we wouldn''t be concerned that the subsequent start would have an adverse impact on theBlue Bloodsseason 13 episode count. We''re optimistic that there will be at least 20 installments this time, just like we had gotten back in season 12. Wed like the number to jump back to 22, but we will not express our belief until it happens.

In the coming weeks, there will be a lot more to discuss about the series. For the time being, head over here to see everything we know today.