Season 3 of The Orville: A Tale of Two Topas

Season 3 of The Orville: A Tale of Two Topas ...

Following today''s next Hulu episode, let''s say there will be a lot of interest in The Orvilleseason 3 episode 5 that has just hit the mark, and we tend to give Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the creative team a lot of care.

The story of Ed Mercer, Telaya, and their secret daughter was heart-wrenching and powerful to watch. It adapted both current events and also demonstrated why Mercer is the perfect hero in this world.

There isn''t a significant amount of information available for episode 5. What we can say at the moment here is that The title is A Tale of Two Topas, which we can presume is a reference to Charles DickensA Tale of Two Cities.

If episode 4, there is a story that might be continued, so Ed is uncertain that he will never see Anaya again, and at present there is no guarantee that there will be peace with the Krill. This is all going to weigh on him emotionally, and well see how it plays out for some time. Even if episode 5 is not entirely focused on Ed or Anaya, were sure that there will be a subtext that plays out for some time. It is an impossible thing to do, however.The Orvilled