Season 3 of The Orville: Is this the greatest episode yet?

Season 3 of The Orville: Is this the greatest episode yet? ...

It''s difficult to imagine anyone not being emotionally shaken on some level after watchingThe Orvilleseason 3 episode 4. It''s not only a visual masterpiece, but it''s also the strongest episode of the season, and perhaps one of the most powerful ever.

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For starters, writers Brannon Braga and Andre Bormanis paid off the relationship between Telaya and Ed Mercer in season 2. In the time following her release she became a political firebrand and eventual Krill leader who showed no mercy in her actions. Eds also learned that he may never see his daughter again by the end. Thats what made the final scene with Mercer and Grayson so powerful, as well.

The Orvillehas had one of the most comprehensive stories ever written, whether it be the echoes of the 2016 election or the revelation of what happens to Krill who decide not to have a child. These stories were so depressing, and seeing much of this play out only allowed Ed to fight harder for peace and a way to change things for the good.

Despite all of his attempts, the truth for the time is that he failed. While a lot of discussions on this show are resolved in some measure by the end of the hour, it made sense that this one would not be. The stakes are far too high and the universe is not always so neat and tidy. Ed admits that there is one additional card he may play publicly in Anaya, but does not desire to exploit his own child for political gain. It''s also a reminder of who Ed is and his personal

The Orvilleis magic in its current form, because it can be whatever it effectively wants. In some episodes, this means more dancing into comedy; in others, this means more developing the narrative in darker, more serious directions. Every single moment felt earned, and the heartbreaking conclusion makes us crave for so much more.

Is this one of the series'' greatest episodes? Let us know below! After doing everything you can, keep an eye on everything to make sure you don''t miss any other updates. (Photo: Hulu.)