Omori: How to Get Batteries

Omori: How to Get Batteries ...

The flower crown-wearing Basil disappears early on in Omori, shortly after meeting Omori''s friends outside the playground and learning to save. It''s no surprise that the player''s search for him is made up the majority of the game.

Another feature of the game is Otherworld, which is a tourist attraction for space travelers. Here is a frozen lake to the east, along with a fishing spot and a unique store. There is also a locked trapdoor and a mechanical fish that requires batteries.

As many players might guess, the fish, the batteries, and the trapdoor are all connected. That being said, players should not be concerned too hard about this spot when they first arrive. They''ll only be able to use it near the end of Omori''s long journey, and only on an alternate route. This article will also have a few spoilers.

Omori''''s Alternate Route

The time in Omori is divided between two stages. There''s the moment in the dream world, where they play as Omori, and there''s the moment in reality, when they play Omori''s real-life counterpart, Sunny.

The game gets greeted at the door and explores Faraway town, then they''re set on the standard route, also known as the Sunny route. If they ignore Kel and stay inside each time, they''re drawn on the Hikikomori route, also known as the Omori route.

Batteries can be found on the Hikikomori route only. They are found during both routes completely unrelated.

Finding The Batteries

Players must then progress through the story until the "One Day Left" chapter. Once they leave, they must return to Otherworld and visit Capt. Spaceboy''s house. At the top of the stairs, his father Pinkbeard is waiting, and he will begin a discussion with him.

Players will be able to turn their batteries into a fish, and it''ll begin singing in a voice similar to Animal Crossing''s K.K. Slider. Once the song''s ending, the trapdoor will open up. Under the trapdoor, players may find the letter "G" for the hangman game, as well as a portal to the designated area called Snowglobe Mountain.

Snowglobe Mountain is a wide range of natural resources with several exceptions, as well as hidden objects. The highlight of a redesigned boss battle with Capt. Spaceboy, now called Space Ex-Husband, is the climb.

Omori is now available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.