Bob's Burgers: The Top 8 Bob Episodes, Ranked

Bob's Burgers: The Top 8 Bob Episodes, Ranked ...

Bobs Burgers has a slew of characters, but he is the main character. It doesn''t matter if Linda is doing her own thing or if the kids are adventuring somewhere else.

Bob will always be there while he''s keeping an open mind. He has a slew of fantastic episodes where the cartoon highlights him more clearly. These are just a few of them that should be celebrated.

8 Sheesh Cab, Bob

Bob is an early episode of Bobs Burgers. Tina wants to have a boy-girl dinner for her thirteenth birthday. Bob goes to Mr. Fischoeder, hoping he will pay their rent for a bit so that Tina may have a great-cost dinner.

Mr. Fischoeder dismisses the request, but instead proposes a shift as a taxi driver. Bob soon gets acquainted with his city. At first, it may seem sloppy, but Bob meets some great people along the way, like Marshmallow. Does Tina get the party she deserves?

7 The Oeder Games

This is another fun scene centered around one of Mr. Fischoeder''s zany propositions. He raises everyone''s rent and hopes they would come to his house as he had an ulterior purpose. When they do, Bob steps forward to represent everyone.

Mr. Fischoeder decides to reduce his rent again, but only to the business owner who wins his death water balloon game. If the title was already obvious, the episode is based on the Hunger Games series. Bob strives to keep everyone together, but gradually loses his sanity along the way. It is a tragic moment for Bob.

6 The Last Gingerbread House On The Left

The Last Gingerbread House On the Left is the final scheme episode centered on Mr. Fischoeder and Bob. However, the stakes seem to be smaller. While Mr. Fischoeder wants to throw forth his towel during their gingerbread house game,

Every year, Mr. Fischoeder comes in last place and is humiliated in front of his wealthy friends. However, even Bob has his breaking point and there''s a big twist toward the end which transforms this low-stakes venture into something greater. It''s a bizarre Christmas episode but it''s funny.

5 Bob Day Afternoon

Two Bobs Burger characters make it into the film: Mickey and Sergeant Bosco. They even make it into the movie. Mickey decides to rob a bank across the street, holding everyone hostage.

The police use the Bobs restaurant as a base against Bobs wishes. Instead of ignoring Mickey''s pizza, Bob is sent in with burgers, thus entangling him even more. It''s a wild day for a poor old Bob who only wants a normal lunch making burgers.

4 Bob And Deliver

Bob and Deliver gives Bob the ability to teach children how to cook. Mr.frond offers Bob the job in the meantime. Bob and Deliver are both interested in Bob''s teaching, especially Zeke.

It''s a fun affair with some great tips until the lunch ladies turn into a crime gang toward the end. Is Bob back down from teaching the kids how to cook because he is threatened or does he do the noble thing?

3 The Hurt Soccer

On many fronts, The Hurt Soccer is a great event. In many ways, it''s like a comeback to Home Movies. Loren Bouchard, one of the cartoon''s creators, helped make it. H. Jon Benjamin, who plays Bob, was a soccer coach.

He was a bad employee but Bob tries to teach the Louises team how to win a game. Hes also good, but not mean in the least. Melissa Bardin Galsky, who played Melissa in Home Movies, even plays a new character on the Louises team named Mara. If this wasn''t an overt callback to Home Movies then it would be a surprise.

Bob and Louise''s Garden Have Two Late Afternoons

Bob and Louise gather at the happiest time in late afternoon in the city garden. He wants to make hamburgers and make people happy while earning money to make his family happy. In exchange for taking Logan in as a waiter at the restaurant, Bob receives a parcel of land in the city garden.

He gets to make fresh veggies for his burgers. It brings Bob to sing Happy Crappy Place, one of Bobs Burgers'' finest songs. Unfortunately, Linda and Louise dislike it, because both Logan and his mother, Cynthia, are concerned about him. Can Bob learn to cope without his garden in the end?

1 Glued, Where''''s My Bob

With Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom, Glued, Where''s My Bob has another one of Bobs Burgers best songs. The episode begins with Bob getting told that he will be interviewed for a magazine. When he visits the bathroom to get ready, he finds he cant get up from the toilet seat.

Louise had previously glued on the walls so that Gene could potty in peace as per Genes request. One thing leads to another, and the restaurant is overwhelmed with people who desire to mock and help Bob out of his predicament. Even Teddy is concerned about this terrible catastrophe.