What Skull And Bones Need to Do To Become A Success

What Skull And Bones Need to Do To Become A Success ...

Many fans believe that the Skull and Bones gameplay leak will not help them to succeed in a realistic and thrilling pirate-themed game. Ubisoft has proved that it can build massive pirate games following the massive success of Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, but a few tweaks in gameplay will not help them to reach that level. Ubisoft will therefore need to attract and maintain a large player base for its multiplayer pirate game.

Skull and Bones'' gameplay leak has left many users feeling the game will be a disappointment. However, the game''s presentation will be a big difference, due to a lack of exploration options and lack of a change from Black Flags. So the sequel for Skull and Bones will need to look a lot different from the leak so that it will be a success.

Better Exploration

Skull and Bones has received some major criticism since the gameplay leak because of the lack of complete exploration in the game. During the gameplay, fans discovered the ship collecting resources from an island without having to leave the ship at all. This will destroy the open-world feel of Skull and Bones, as the many islands will be seemingly unaccessible, ensuring that the game will not give players enough freedom.

This style of action has also been translated to naval combat, where players may be unable to board enemy ships, which is a major jump-down from Black Flag, which allowed players to board enemy ships and take over. This is a serious issue that will undoubtedly hinder exploration. Ubisoft has given players the ability to freely explore every area of the world once they have deemed it necessary.

Freedom to Be Pirate or Hunter

Skull And Bones will include interactive gameplay with groups of players collaborating together and challenging others for loot. This concept has the potential to be spectacular and is a proven strategy following the success of game like Sea of Thieves. However, giving players the opportunity to act as pirate hunters might certainly give them a lot of freedom and allow them to experience both a pirate and a hunter.

It would be up to the pirate hunters to scan the seas and protect large vessels from pirates, indicating that the game is more engaging. However, hunters may turn in in favor of claiming income from the Royal Navy.

Fleet Management

Skull And Bones has the advantage to include a fleet management system that allows players to embark on quests with multiple ships, even if their friends are not online. This technique, for example, might include more than simple shipbuilding, but also strategies that certain ships will use if the player is not controlling it, allowing players to have a voice in combat.

If the situation arises, fleet management may allow players to switch control of ships. This technique will put a lot more emphasis on exploration of a battlefield before starting combat and figuring out the best combination of ships for combat. It would also be a great opportunity to explore the oceans of Skull and Bones, as long as players know that the ships they control in the fleet will be unlikely to turn against them.

Skull And Bones is expected to be released sometime in 2023, but fans are concerned about the upcoming game. It will need to change a lot of things and ensure that players have access to the game''s own equipment and fleet. Ubisoft may need to postpone the release of the game once more, causing problems for a game that has been in development for a few years.

Skull And Bones is expected to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in early 2023.