Deathloop's Legal Case

Deathloop's Legal Case ...

The Dishonored series, which consists of first-person games that allow gamers to make moral choices while also allowing them to choose whether or not to take a raid or engage in direct combat, was a key success for Arkane Studios, achieving a number of awards including the Critics Choice Award at the 2021 Golden Joystick Award and the Best Art Direction awards in 2021.

Although the concept of Deathloop and its time-loop mechanic make it a somewhat tricky game to build around, it''s possible for Arkane to have more time-looping fun.

The Difficulty of Designing Deathloop DLC

Colt Vahn, a military man who wakes up on the strange shores of Blackreef Island, initially does not know how he arrived. Fortunately, he obtains clear instructions from his past friends who reveal that he must kill all eight Visionaries. This includes Julianna Blake, who proves to be the most powerful foe. To escape the Visionaries, players must investigate Blackreef, collecting information, and discovering the strange ways the island differs depending on the day.

The plot of Deathloop may be a psychedelic fever dream at times, but it does manage to tie things up quite nicely by the end. However, the way the gameplay and time-loop mechanic are intricately intricately crafted makes it quite difficult to get to grips on an extension to what appears to be an already complete and self-contained story. Fortunately, Arkane has the option to make a Deathloop DLC that does not interfere with the base game''s plot.

The Visionaries of Deathloop

The Visionaries are a must-see. Some of them, although they are quite entertaining, do not receive as much screen time as they deserve. This includes figures like Egor Serling, who is the founder of AEON and an ex-friend of Colt''s, Aleksis, who wears a wolf mask, and Wenjie, who is the director of the AEON Program. This does not mean that players cannot fall in love with them.

A Deathloop DLC might focus on one of the Visionaries, allowing players to play through a loop where they defeat Colt. As such, the foundation for such gameplay is already established, as players may play as Julianna, and take down others players playing as Colt. This is seen, for example, as Dishonored switches perspectives from Corvo to Daud in its story expansions.

Arkane would be a misguided step forward in the IP world. Whether it be through a Deathloop DLC or a fully-fledged Deathloop sequel, there are plenty of hidden gems to explore in the game''s universe, including Julianna''s past, the Motherland''s history, and the Anomaly. While Colt is a fun character, one of the Visionaries might also take the lead on the next Deathloop adventure.

Deathloop is now available on PC and PlayStation 5.