Rank Your Gran Turismo Game

Rank Your Gran Turismo Game ...

The Gran Turismo franchise, which has more than 70 million sales between its eight mainline entries, is one of the most famous gaming platforms. With its attention to detail and a keen focus on realisticality, Sony''s smash hit series has helped revolutionize the racing sim genre and, together with Forza, remains at the top of the pile even today.

Although each of the mainline installments of the series has improved from its predecessors, the game''s overall character is perhaps better measured by the impact that it had around the time of its release. The best Gran Turismo games really shook up the racing sim genre, while others lacked the line.

Tom Bowen''s updated story on June 23, 2022: It''s been a few months since the release of Gran Turismo 7 and the game''s aggressive monetization has finally begun to settle. Despite many series fans, the game, according to reports, has now received the most significant offer, with hundreds of thousands of copies being sold in several territories. However, whether or not the uproar surrounding microtransactions ended up putting the brakes on sales.

9 Gran Turismo Sport

Release Date October 17, 2017
Platform PlayStation 4
Cars 338
Tracks 84
Metacritic Rating 75

After a four-year wait, series fans were both eager and eager to get their hands on Gran Turismo Sport. However, much of that excitement slowly faded in the weeks following the game''s release, revealing just how ordinary this episode was.

Gran Turismo Sport is far from a bad game, but it isn''t exactly revolutionary either. Even with its excellent post-launch support, it included less tracks than its predecessor, as well as a considerably smaller catalog of cars. This is also the game that introduced microtransactions to the series, with them also appearing in the game''s 2022 sequel.

8 Gran Turismo 6

Release Date December 6, 2013
Platform PlayStation 3
Cars 1,247
Tracks 100
Metacritic Rating 81

Gran Turismo 6 was able to sell around half as many cars and tracks while a lot of prospective buyers thought it was just a little more like the series'' fifth installment, with very little innovation to be discovered.

GT6 offers more depth and is arguably the best of the two games, but many of this depth ends up being superficial. After the new cars are removed from the equation the two games were remarkably similar, allowing many to stick with what they had already had.

7 Gran Turismo

Release Date October 12, 2009
Platform PlayStation Portable
Cars 833
Tracks 75
Metacritic Rating 74

Gran Turismo would not be released until late 2009 as part of Sony''s press conference. If sales are anything to go by, most series fans would probably agree that it was.

The game ended up selling just shy of 5 million units, making it one of the best-selling PSP games of all time. Despite its poorly-performing performance, it did however, with the game currently on a 74 Metacritic average. It''s quite impressive for a handheld driving game of its era, not just in terms of visuals, but also when it comes to real life.

6 Gran Turismo 7

Release Date March 4, 2002
Platforms PS4 / PS5
Cars 420+
Tracks 90+
Metacritic Rating 87

Gran Turismo 7 had a lot of weight on its shoulders due to the fact that Microsoft''s Forza series had already exceeded these expectations, posing a noticeable improvement over the series'' two previous installments.

Gran Turismo 7 is stunning to look at and boasts of being a one-of-a-kind driving experience to date. With that being said, its multi-player game might become a bit monotonous, and the return of Microtransactions will greatly enhance the experience. Even so, those who want a realistic racing sim will struggle to find what they need.

5 Gran Turismo 5

Release Date November 24, 2010
Platform PlayStation 3
Cars 1,074
Tracks 81
Metacritic Rating 84

Gran Turismo 5 is the second best-selling game in the series'' history, and for a good reason. The increased power of the PS3 allowed for a major boost in visual fidelity, aiding the game to clear all other racing games of the period out.

Gran Turismo 5 was the most popular Gran Turismo game at the time of its launch, yet also the most realistic. All of the effort and attention that went into perfecting the driving physics is evident for everyone, and is an important part of the game''s making process so fun to play.

4 Gran Turismo 4

Release Date February 22, 2005
Platform PlayStation 2
Cars 721
Tracks 51
Metacritic Rating 89

Gran Turismo 4 was a series that had fans wished for, with about four times as many cars as it had, while also benefiting from a lot of tweaking under the stars.

The lack of internet play was a bit disappointing, and the lackluster arcade mode racked it up a bit. Even so, the sheer volume of things to see and do ensured that players might sink hundreds of hours into the game if they wanted to without ever being bored, and more than a few took advantage of this fact.

3 Gran Turismo 2

Release Date December 23, 1999
Platform PlayStation
Cars 650
Tracks 27
Metacritic Rating 93

The first sequel to a smash-hit video game may be difficult to get right, with many developers having struggled over the years. Gran Turismo 2 was nonetheless developed by Polyphony Digital, with excellent sales figures and its positive reviews, as shown.

GT2 climbed from 140 to 650 and nearly tripled the number of tracks. New game modes and improved mechanics only helped to further enrich the deal and cement the series'''' position at the top of the racing sim genre. Perhaps more important yet, it demonstrated that the first game was not just a fluke.

2 Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

Release Date July 10, 2001
Platform PlayStation 2
Cars 181
Tracks 34
Metacritic Rating 95

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is the most popular Gran Turismo game to date and arguably offers the unique greatest game-to-game improvements in Sony''s long-running franchise. This was, unfortunately, not an easy task for the developers to do so.

Although the number of cars fell to a significantly lower 181, the GT3 provided more tracks and game modes than the previous. Better yet, the major increase in power and disc capacity from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 2 allowed the developers to quickly crank up the details to incredible new levels.

1 Gran Turismo

Release Date May 12, 1998
Platform PlayStation
Cars 140
Tracks 11
Metacritic Rating 96

There''s a possibility that no one video game has made a more noticeable impression on a genre than Gran Turismo. Its large emphasis on realism and unmatched visuals allowed the developers to really capture the thrill of driving without ever having to resort to cheap gimmicks.

Gran Turismo, which is only eleven tracks available, may seem somewhat unsuitable when it comes to a modern racing game, but at the time, eleven were more than enough. At the time, the 140 available cars were perhaps a little excessive, with many of the competition at the time only having ten to fifteen vehicles for players to choose from.