Players who purchase house in free company stores in Final Fantasy 14 will be able to get their own house

Players who purchase house in free company stores in Final Fantasy 14 will be able to get their own  ...

Final Fantasy 14''s new Empyreum housing zone was classified as Free Company or Private Housing wards when it was introduced in Patch 6.1. Recently, Final Fantasy 14 announced it would change the balance between the twoward classifications to accommodate housing requirements.

Patch 6.1 added the new Housing Lottery system for the purchase of housing plots in Final Fantasy 14. To ensure that Free Companies and private buyers would both have equal chances to purchase a house, different entrances were marked as Free Company housing plots, while others were restricted to private buyers.

Half of Free Company-only wards will be private housing wards instead. From the start, Free Companies will have to purchase plots on Wards 1 through 9, rather than 1 through 18, while private purchasers may buy plots on any Ward from 10 to 24. Any Free Company who already purchased housing plots on the newly-restructed wards will still be permitted to keep their plots.

The previous 50/50 distribution of Free Company and Private Housing plots in Final Fantasy 14s Empyreum district was a mess. Multiple Private Housing plots might have dozens of entries in their lotteries, while entire Free Company wards went unclaimed for several periods. This move towards further Private plots will hopefully alleviate the imbalance.

Final Fantasy 14 is taking steps to resolve the housing problems. In the long run, getting a house has always been challenging, insofar as it has often been called Housing (Extreme) in recognition of the Extreme trials in the game. With luck, these players will be able to conquer this challenge.

This whole change alone does not alleviate all of Final Fantasy 14s housing woes. Though the neighborhood aspects of the current housing system do provide a sense of community, the lack of private instanced housing allows it to intrinsically exclusive to those fortunate enough to receive a housing plot through the lottery. Hopefully, the upcoming Island Sanctuary system will be able to fill this enormous gap in Final Fantasy 14s housing system. On July 1, the Producer will let the players know more about it.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available for PC, PS4, and PlayStation 5.