The trailer for Halo Infinite leaks is on the way, but it will take a long time

The trailer for Halo Infinite leaks is on the way, but it will take a long time ...

Fans of Halo Infinite were unhappy with the post-launch support, which was compared to other live-service games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and League of Legends. The expectation has, in part, not been met. A leaker claims to have good news about Halo Infinite''s future campaign.

Sean W, a YouTuber, shared a video recently in which they claimed that an anonymous source shared a substantial amount of information about Halo Infinite''s future campaign DLC. To begin, the leaker claims that campaign DLC is in the works. However, development may not have progressed as 343 had previously planned.

According to the leaker, 343 Industries is working on a story DLC for Halo Infinite, but the decision is surprisingly recent. While a time frame wasn''t established, the leaker says the development of the story DLC will take a considerable amount of time. It is unlikely to happen until 2025 if not later.

The leaker revealed some details about the Halo Infinite campaign DLC as being as useful as the one that is currently available in Halo Infinite, thus it''s substantial. The campaign will focus on battling the Endless on what''s described as a "varied world." A trademark leak in late 2021 indicated that 343 was working on something related to the Endless, although it''s unclear if the two leaks are linked.

There''s no way to know if Sean W''s leak is reliable or not. This entire leak may be made up and it may be years before official information is available to confirm it. It''s entirely possible this has always been the intention, to release a decent campaign DLC, as long as it might have otherwise released a sequel.

343 and Xbox''s plans may change by 2025 due to the state of Halo Infinite. Depending on the outcome, the DLC might become a standalone game or a Halo Infinite sequel, or perhaps the plans might change for Halo in a more dangerous manner. At this point in time, it''s difficult to make any assumptions about Halo''s future, but 343 intends to release the campaign DLC sometime in the ambiguous future.

Halo Infinite is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.