A Gambling Site Mistake has resulted in Twitch Streamer's xQc losing almost $1 million

A Gambling Site Mistake has resulted in Twitch Streamer's xQc losing almost $1 million ...

Many content creators on streaming platforms like Twitch are turning their attention away. However, the rapid rise of a high-tech betting system has received widespread backlash from viewers and even other creators. Mizkif has even refused to offer a comprehensive gambling sponsorship. However, gambling streams continue to draw in tens of thousands of viewers, with xQc as one of the most notable.

xQc, a Twitch streamer, has a rocky history with gambling, both in games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and in gambling websites like Stake. In the past, he said that he "can afford it," despite admitting his clear gambling addiction. Despite his obvious gambling habit, he has continued to regularly stream his online gambling with a recent stream featuring the streamer incurring a significant loss outside the game.

During a rage-filled tirade at the self-inflicted losses on xQc''s gambling website Stake, the streamer made a big mistake. While on a journey that saw him earn over $800,000, xQc hit the Refresh button on his browser, prompting an error when attempting to reload the page. Click here to see a clip of the stream, but be aware that some strong expression is used.

Despite xQc''s blunder, the streamer has suffered a significant monetary loss for him, but it is unlikely to have an effect on his own status or his future with gambling streams. XQc has even previously claimed that he would stop doing gambling streams only to start up once more. With over 300,000 viewers watching his stream in April, xQc has also had a remarkable success.

xQc''s recent loss comes as gaming mechanics have become a hot button issue in recent years. Despite the rise in popularity of gambling-focused streams on Twitch, many members of the gaming community have begun to push for the inclusion of gambling mechanics. Despite the increased antics for gambling, xQc continues to see success during his gambling programs which will likely continue in the future.