Part 1 and Part 2 of The Last of Us: How The Remake Can Reduce Plot Discordances

Part 1 and Part 2 of The Last of Us: How The Remake Can Reduce Plot Discordances ...

The Last of Us Part 1 will be released on the console this September, thanks to Geoff Keighley''s recent Summer Game Fest event. A slew of other updates have been revealed about the franchise''s future, such as its HBO adaptation and a multiplayer-centric spin-off game.

The sequel to The Last of Us Part 1 has the advantage of reducing plot flaws that exist between the two chapters. Considering how the release of the Naughty Dogs PS3 exclusive was a major event back in 2013, most internets attention has largely ignored. Despite the numerous footage, screenshots, and details that the studio has provided, The Last of Us Part 1 appears to be capable of making a modern makeover.

Surgeon Jerry Anderson

It''s fair to say both of the existing entries in the franchise come across as one continuous cohesive story, so that labeling the sequel with a Part 2 moniker feels equally earned and necessary. Despite the amount of time that took between the creation of both games, several shocking plot disparities do appear.

The most significant difference between the original game and The Last of Us 2 is the existence of surgeon Gerald Jerry Anderson. Despite the fact that the character would go on to have a substantial impact on the series'' trajectory, Joel was even forced to confront a more generic doctor instead of confronting him at the end of the game.

Jerry was reintroduced in the mix for the release of The Last of Us 2though, along with a few cuts, notes, and lines of dialogue with his daughter Abby. After Joel''s knee-jerk suicide attempt, the studio essentially abolished the entire project. Considering Jerry''s significance, aside from Abby''s murder-definition quest for revenge, his absence from the first game is a huge plot hole.

Although Naughty Dog has largely nailed its narrative through-lines, the decision to add the character to the mix may dissect the studio''s story. However, the studio''s first attempt to deal with this particular depreciation should be straightforward and straightforward. If Naughty Dog wants to deal with other plot issues, like the fact that replacing Ellies'' brain would not help develop a vaccine, then the studio may also add some handy collectible notes to the games'' iconic final chapter.

Abbys Quest for Revenge

While Laura Baileys'' show-stopping performance bringing her to life, and the often heart-wrenching trajectory of the character''s journey, some fans simply felt her first appearance was too forced. One of the benefits of a remake like The Last of Us Part 1 is that studios like Naughty Dog can take steps to address this type of feedback.

After Joel and Ellies'' heroic encounter, The Last of Us 2 has established that Abby was active within the Fireflies Salt Lake City base. It''s therefore too much of a golden opportunity for Naughty Dog to simply gloss over this once more in its next PS5 remake. Considering how Part 1 is being designed to connect the first game to Part 2, it would make a lot of sense for Abby to appear in some form or form.

Despite the fact that most franchise owners are likely to prefer Naughty Dog to remake its classic faithfully, a physical cameo from Abby would strengthen the whole narrative of the series. Despite the fact that during Abby and Joel''s fateful scene at the start of Last of Us 2, neither character recognized the other immediately. It is important that this continuity is maintained so that another flaw does not occur.

If Abby wasn''t really paying attention, putting Abby out on Joel''s eye-line would be a quick and effective way for this to be accomplished. After all, Joel was so dependent on the fate of his surrogate daughter at the time that it would make sense if he wasnt really paying attention. If Abby wasn''t giving up, the two would be effective Easter-egg level references.

Other Possible Plot Fixes

Part 1 of The Last of Us will focus on bringing a slew of unexpected technical fixes to the game. It should be noted that, outside of putting the game more in-line with Part 2 mechanically, screen advantage should be noted. This approach should not be compared to the previous one.

While Naughty Dog should not focus on using simple graphical tweaks to its characters in Part 1 of The Last of Us, there are also certain areas that appear in the original game and Part 2 that should be completely altered in order to reflect the levels discussed in the sequel. In addition, the aforementioned hospital might do with a touch of paint, as the scenes in the existing games look radically different from the one they have.

Part 1 of The Last of Us has been released on PlayStation 5 on September 2th. A PC version is in development.