9 Nintendo Switch RPGs That Are Still Not (But Must Be)

9 Nintendo Switch RPGs That Are Still Not (But Must Be) ...

Handheld consoles are always great for RPGs, and the Nintendo Switch''s hybrid design makes it an even more suitable option for the genre. It can grind while on a commute or in a waiting area, and then pop it into docked mode for the big cinematic moments and to enjoy the story comfortably.

There are still a few classic RPGs that have yet to benefit from this setup. Nintendo Switch has already been released for more than five years, so there has been a lot of time for developers to put these RPGs on Nintendo''s most recent platform.

9 Persona 5

The Persona franchise is so popular for the Nintendo Switch, that you almost have to remember that it is not there. The way the narrative and combat is divated into days of a school year works exceptionally well for sessions of between 40 minutes and an hour.

Imagine how beneficial it would be for a student to play this on his or her own path to and from school for the whole year while simultaneously finishing the game and their real-life school year. Persona 5 is on every other other current system, including Xbox, so we should not exclude the possibility of a Switch port.

8 XCOM: Enemy Unknown

When a sequel is imported to a console, it''s always curious when the first game is not. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake of the classic turn-based strategy franchise, and it rekindled interest in both the series and the genre when it came out in 2012.

The sequel offers more possibilities and maps, but Enemy Unknown is still worth playing. It is especially unfortunate that we do not have Enemy Unknown on the Switch, because the now-defunct PlayStation Vita version is very poor and can easily be canceled.

7 Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the most well-known spin-offs of the famous JRPG franchise. It is also strongly requested for a remake. Why not give us at least a port for the Nintendo Switch if the complete revamp isn''t in the cards?

Anyone who wants to take Final Fantasy Tactics on the go has to utilize the War of the Lions port for the PSP or the mobile iOS and Android versions. Turn-based strategy games like Triangle Strategy and Disgaea have comfortable houses on the Switch, so it only makes sense for Final Fantasy Tactics to come here too.

6 Chrono Trigger

As Chrono Cross crosses the Nintendo Switch and other modern platforms, it''s strange that the first game in the franchise is not playable on the platform, especially when it is one of the most popular SNES games ever made.

There must be people who have played Chrono Cross who have never played Chrono Trigger, and there is a lot you''ll be able to appreciate in the prequel. It also holds up extremely well as an RPG.

5 Wasteland 3

Wasteland 2 will be released on Nintendo Switch, and it is a handheld game that makes perfect sense. We are just counting the days until Wasteland 3 also makes its way there. Time spent in menus is a great way to spend a day in the kitchen before escaping into the frustrating battles.

It was first released on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 in 2020. There are some downsides, with technical issues like freezing and crashing, but that''s nothing a slew of patches cannot fix.

4 Dragon Quest 7

Dragon Quest 7 is a ridiculously long game that takes about one hundred hours to complete just the main story. You cannot be accused of neglecting to spend all of this time on a couch.

Why not include Dragon Quest 7 on Nintendo Switch, and allow players to choose where they want to play it? It''s a game that might require too much patience for the modern gamer, but it would certainly be more tolerable on a Switch.

3 Mother 3

After the first two games in this franchise were added to Switch Online, investors were concerned that a Mother 3 announcement would soon follow. Unfortunately, no such announcement has occurred yet.

In the West, there is no official way to learn the third game in this series. Would it be so difficult to get this game on the Switch? It is unlikely that it would be too difficult to create an official English language version.

2 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is the spiritual predecessor to Final Fantasy Tactics. It has a slew of familiar mechanics, along with a similar aesthetic. It makes sense that it would be right on Nintendo Switch.

Battles take anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes, which makes it perfect for a bus or train ride. While playing, you should be cautious to keep an eye on your feelings, because there are also some real gut-wrenching moments throughout the story.

1 Xenogears

Monolith Soft has developed some of Nintendo''s finest modern RPGs. The Xenoblade Chronicles games are always popular among fans and critics, as well as the developer providing assistance with Breath of the Wild. A fan should also experience the early days of the ''Xeno'' moniker.

Tetsuya Takahashi, who created Monolith Soft in 1998, was the creative mind behind the Xenoblade Chronicles series. Although Monolith Soft wasn''t available in the future, it is more linear, but it is familiar to the modern games with its unique science fiction aesthetic, combining futuristic concepts with fantasy capabilities.