Where Can I Find All Classic Ninja Turtles From Teenage Mutant: Shredder's Revenge?

Where Can I Find All Classic Ninja Turtles From Teenage Mutant: Shredder's Revenge? ...

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder''s Revenge, the brodacious turtles come back to their traditional arcade roots in an exhilarating beat-''em-up that has many backlashs for older titles. However, there are still many sidequests to help keep you sticking around the New Your City streets as your favorite vigilantes.

One of these sidequests is having to discover three Classic Headlines, which are hidden amongst the game''s sixteen episodes, making them quite tricky to spot if you''re frustrated by Foot Ninjas and other opponents. Luckily, the location of the Classic Headlines is the same for everyone, allowing you to pinpoint where they are to go.

Starting Classic Headlines Special Request

Before you get the Classic Headlines, you will first need to locate and speak with Burne Thompson to request a Special Request. Thomspon is one of the first NPCs in the game you can find, and it is amongst the easiest to get to.

Burne Thompson can be found in the game''s first episode, "Jaw-Breaking News!" To find Burne, keep an eye out for a room with purple carpeting, three windows in the back that have been glazed over, and a large "6" to the right of a door. Additionally, the door will be hit from the other side, causing a banging noise to be heard while also having the door pulse with each strike.

You can go to the front of the door and swing it with your melee weapon to free Burne Thompson. Once found, Burne''s Office is now a site in the game''s overworld, and you may contact him for a special request to locate the three Classic Headlines mentioned earlier.

Classic Headline 1 Location

The first Classic Headline in the same episode you saved Burne Thompson, Episode One: Jaw-Breaking News! This Headline will be near the end of the level inside a wooden crate with a red Foot Clan logo on the front, just before the episode''s boss encounter. When you see several monitors and an NPC tied by a rope, you''ll know that there is no rope attached behind the glass panel.

Classic Headline 2 Location

The second Classic Headline can be purchased in the game''s second episode, "Big Apple, 3 pm." To snag this Headline, try searching through the overrun streets of New York City, where beplugs from a "TV Zone," which will include Bepop propaganda on every screen behind it. To the right of the television displays, you will see a framed Bepop poster with a trash can. Destroy the trash can to reveal the second Classic Headline!

Classic Headline 3 Location

In the game''s fourth episode, "Rumble in the Zoo," you may continue through the episode as you would normally, with monkeys in the background who punches you and throw them away. Make a trip to the end of the corridor to see a magazine stand at the right of the monkey cage in the corner of the wall. Just before you get to the alligator section, grab your copy.

Return To Burne''''s Office

Return to Burne''s Office to complete his Special Request and earn 50 Points for your currently selected character. So, before you complete the quest, we suggest switching to a character that has yet to reach maximum levels, as you will not be disappointed if you''ve already found all three Headlines!