King Of Fighters has an NFT that Not Even SNK Wants to Retweet

King Of Fighters has an NFT that Not Even SNK Wants to Retweet ...

In case you hadn''t heard, cryptocurrency and the NFTs that are supported by them have plummeted in recent weeks. BitCoin has lost a quarter of its value in the past month alone, while NFT trading volume has dropped by more than 60% on OpenSea.

Because now there is a King of Fighters NFT project, SNK appears to be having full financial support.

A new Twitter account called "The King of Fighters Crypto" launched a trailer that didn''t reveal much. The tweet then said it was "officially authorized" by SNK to offer King of Fighters NFTs "to fight again in the Metaverse Arena."

There are no indications on whether the metaverse will actually utilize these NFTs, where one may purchase these NFTs, what type of NFTs will be offered, or what price they will be offered at. It''s probable that information will be released.

Fans of King of Fighters were wary to wait. They immediately blasted the original tweet, with one Twitter user even accusing the new NFT project of being a scam. The fact that a large portion of the trailer has freely available Unreal Engine assets that have been slightly altered with the King of Fighters logo.

One Twitter user said that the SNK official account removed the initial retweet of The King of Fighters Cryptos. It''s almost certain that it is a scam and not actually affiliated with SNK, or that it is a shamble. The @CrtyptoKOF has now gone private, and the only recent posts are merely photos of a representative at NFT NYC 2022, which has ended today.

NFTs are wildly unpopular in video games, which is besides being an increasingly low investment. For several reasons, the reaction of players has been resoundingly negative, but the biggest is how crypto transforms games into work.