All 13 Twisted Masquerade Masks, Ranked in Dead By Daylight

All 13 Twisted Masquerade Masks, Ranked in Dead By Daylight ...

The Twisted Masquerade has begun in Dead By Daylight. And with it, were getting some nice bonuses, some decorations, a mini-Tome, and certainly some sweet cosmetics, all of which are the various masks you can earn during a trial.

While they are cool and a nice incentive to keep an eye on even the worst of matches, some of them are just wider than others because of how well it references their lore, simply how good it looks on them or both. Which masks will draw the eye and make you the talk of the trial and which ones are gauche? Here are all of them, ranked.

13 The Trickster

The Tricksters is by far the most marvellous. Just look at it: the grotesque grin, complete with teeth like Jim Carreys The Mask, and the spikes and folds meant to evoke gilded fabric and feathers, all of it displaying being more expensive and ugly.

It makes a strange kind of sense, because it is clearly intended to evoke the image of the classic comedy and tragedy masks of classical theater and The Trickster is nothing if not dramatic. And the feather imagery is in line as well, since he is very much into peacocking, but he is also supposed to be nice someone handsome enough to lure in his victims, and this mask just isnt that.

12 Ace Visconti

Ace Visconti is a born gambler who tries to cut his teeth through roughness. His lore is rich with stories of his time in Las Vegas. In that regard, his mask is superbly thematically appropriate. It''s a shame that it appears so tacky.

The gold accents give it an air of aristocratic legitimacy, and the card suit accents on the main part of the mask are a nice touch. Unfortunately, many people, like Ace, had just put their luck ahead by adding the frozen cards on the sides, pushed this mask into Party City bargain bin territory.

11 The Spirit

This mask, in theory, is pretty cool. It''s an Oni mask that was constructed in the Twisted Masquerade style, and a nice note to The Spirits'' heritage. The shattered parts of the mask are also a nice visual nod to Rin Yamaoka, who was broken and pieced together.

It would have been such a disaster. There''s just too much going on, and it''s difficult to tell what it''s actually supposed to be, thus it just appears like a row of golden shards approximating a mask.

10 Mikaela Reid

The Mikaelas mask is pretty, but it is a little depreciation, given that it does not have any of her already-established visual style. However, the star is energised, but they had missed an opportunity to add some crescent moon accents or even a black cat if they wanted to enhance her Halloween-witch look.

Instead, we get a relatively simple mask that, while still not unpleasant, appears to be a missed opportunity. Worst yet, it comes packaged with her standard hat and bushy hair, making the already simple mask even more difficult to see.

9 The Trapper

The Trappers mask has a simple charm to it, essentially functioning as a classy masquerade version of his default mask, expressing the danger and inhumanity he has, but this is accompanied by a little aristocratic charm.

It''s also plain, but not in an unsettling way. It''s better that it looks like this rather than trying to shoehorn his bear traps into the design and push it into garish territory. It''s a shame that he does not have a whole outfit based on the mask, since his usual outfit clashes with it quite often.

8 Haddie Kaur

Haddie is expected to be one of the guests of honor during this little soiree that The Entity is throwing, the other one being The Dredge, so it''s a little painful that she has purchased one of the finest masks of all time. Although, there''s still a lot of difficulty with it, since the mask appears to be tacky.

The mask is a part of a complete outfit, but the setting adds an elegant touch that gives her a mysterious pleasure, therefore the clarness isn''t really an issue.

7 Elodie Rakoto

Elodie has a cute, simple-and-future mask with a dazzling feathers, revealing a thing or two about peacocking. However, the Eiffel Tower design, which is likely to be a reference to her Parisian heritage, is a bit on the nose.

Decades of time, masquerade masks are designed to stand out as much as they are to conceal, and perhaps a golden Eiffel Tower on her face is on the safe side of being too much.

6 Jane Romero

Jane is a writer par excellence, but it''s not really a skill you can incorporate into an elegant mask, so the designers went the safe route and simply gave her a really fantastic mask.

The Blue Rose is a beautiful centerpiece, as it does not only make the mask catch the eye, but it may even be the sole reference to her lore, namely that it evokes a blue desert rose, and she was taken in the middle of a desert.

5 Yui Kimura

This mask has a nice brass-and-rivets look that Yui is known for. It is also one of the few Twisted Masquerade masks to have lenses in the eyes, giving him a blue gaze.

The glass on the goggles is a spiderwebbed, indicating how motorcyclists, even those so skilled as Yui, might end up crashing.

4 The Huntress

This lupine helm looks like something The Huntress would wear, but it is quite a fancier. She has a habit of wearing animal masks, so it wasn''t a huge leap to design this.

The mask is quite well-designed, with the shiny gold just coming up short of being garish with the blue on the nose breaking it up nicely. This mask also has black lenses that give the impression of a soulless killing machine.

3 The Artist

Carmina Mora, an artist, would probably experience her at home in a masquerade, as a servant of The Entity, and perhaps experience her at the Twisted Masquerade, which combines its beauty, circumstance, and important masks.

Because she relates to crows, she is well-known for her hairstyle, and she loves to do it. The gold and blue does well with her black and red outfit, with the gold lipstick and shining black ooze marks on the face part really bring the whole thing together. She also has one of the best Moris in the game.

2 Dwight Fairfield

Being a fool is a lot of power in DBD, but Dwight Fairfield, who has always been an avid fan of The Entity, is suffering from anxiety from some of his coworkers.

The moley is a good gift for him in the community. That it may be even the most garish mask in the collection, but it also makes sense.

1 Deathslinger

This is the baddest and most well-designed mask in the Twisted Masquerade. It''s almost perfect, actually, and perfectly suited to the resident cowboy-era slasher

It''s an intimidating piece, for sure, because it''s basically a gilded deer skull wearing a cowboy hat.

The Twisted Masquerade''s gold and blue motif does not really bleak their effect, however it''s still quite troubling, but nonetheless fancier. Hopefully they give him a matching outfit one day, since hed probably cleaned up fairly nicely and would look scary dapper when he shoots you ''cause you created Hex: Retribution.