Chris Hemsworth Talks About a Future MCU Exit, Thor

Chris Hemsworth Talks About a Future MCU Exit, Thor ...

No one would have anticipated Thor to be the last in the Marvel Cinematic Universe standing. Iron Man made Captain America: The Winter Soldier as both have their fans, but neither tended to have a similar cultural impact as Tony Stark or Steve Rogers'' movies. As we prepare for the MCUs phase four, Tony and Steve are far from gone. Thor is about the star in his fourth solo film.

Part of the thunder gods'' longevity can be attributed to characters reinvention inThor: Ragnarok, in which director Taika Waititi benefited from the comedy chops star Chris Hemsworth revealed inGhostbustersto create a gruesome cosmic adventure. However, even as fans have high hopes for Hemsworth and Waititis reteaming inThor: Love and Thunder, the Australian actor admits that he would like to exit before people warn me to leave.

Although he says it with a laugh, Hemsworths concerns have validity. Despite his critically praised work in the El Royale films, Hemsworth is easily well-known as Thor. Without any reason, he asks himself: Is this script completely different from the one he has given? If the character ever becomes too familiar, then it''s time to move on.

Fortunately, the actor doesnt yet anticipate that moment. If the opportunity comes up and presents itself, im open to whatever creative exploration can take place, thanks to different writers and directors, and so on, he explained. I understand this, however, Feige said, adding that he loves the character. There are a lot of other Thor stories in the comics that we talk about a lot.

Thor, a one-time Marvel Universe player, appeared in hundreds of films inspired by Jack Kirby and Walt Simonson in the 60 years that followed. Even three films have already scratched the surface of Thors'' rich supporting cast, leaving fans chastised for Beta Ray Bill, Hercules, and Thunderstrike.

These untapped stories will keep Hemsworth around. [At our as Chris Hemsworth continues to grow and evolve as a major acting talent, I''d be interested to see how he continues to evolve this complex character. With still more stories to tell and additional challenges to take on, Hemsworth''s departure will hopefully be a long way off.