In the build-up for Prime Day 2022, a purchase from Amazon Music Unlimited starts

In the build-up for Prime Day 2022, a purchase from Amazon Music Unlimited starts ...

Day 2022 of Amazon Prime is approaching, and there is also a new promotion from Amazon Music Unlimited.

New customers who have never tried the service and who are Amazon Prime members can get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free. The offer is running for a few weeks, until the last day of the Prime Day sale event on Wednesday, July 13.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a music streaming platform that is an alternative to Spotify and Apple Music.

In the United Kingdom, an individual plan is usually priced at 9.99 per month or 8.99 per month for Amazon Prime members. In the United States, a four-month free trial is scheduled to begin at the time of writing, and it''s priced at $9.99 per month, or $8.99 per month for Amazon Prime members, "plus applicable taxes."

Sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited.

Users may receive an ad-free experience such as over 90 million songs, tens of thousands of playlists, personalized streaming stations, offline playback, voice control via Alexa devices, and a "growing catalogue" of spatial audio tracks, according to Amazon Music Unlimited.

To claim this trial, you will need to provide payment details, which means that you will be charged at the usual monthly fee if you don''t cancel before the free period closes.

If you''re "currently in a free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited, or are a current paying customer of Amazon Music Unlimited, or were previously a free trial or paying customer of Amazon Music Unlimited, you will not be able to accept this offer.

How do I sign up for Amazon Prime?

If you''ve never used Amazon Prime before, you may get a 30-day free trial.

Outside being able to enjoy all of the Prime Day deals, your Prime subscription includes perks such as free next-day delivery and Amazon Music Prime (not to be confused with Amazon Music Unlimited), as well as Prime Video and Prime Gaming.

If the period ends, your credit or debit card will be charged.

In the United Kingdom, a Prime subscription costs 7.99 per month, or 79 per full year up front. US customers may opt for a monthly subscription at $14.99 per month, or pay $139 up front for a year''s Prime membership.

What is Amazon Music HD?

Amazon Music HD, which is for everyone on the Unlimited list, has the ability to stream songs at all levels of HD and Ultra HD.

If you have adequate speakers or headphones, the difference between standard quality and HD can be noticeable. Usually when you stream music, the tracks are "lossy," and compressed, resulting in a slight loss of the original quality.

The song''s quality is retained in HD while also being comparable to playing on a CD. There are 70 million songs that can be played in HD.

There''s also Ultra HD, which is even better than CD quality. It''s possible that you have a good internet connection to get songs at this level, as the bitrate is more than ten times greater than what you get with standard audio. However, Amazon claims that the seven million studio recordings "capture more detail."