As Sienna's plan falls back, Hollyoaks hints at a mystery connection in the Norma story

As Sienna's plan falls back, Hollyoaks hints at a mystery connection in the Norma story ...

Hollyoaks is set to be spoilers.

In the upcoming Norma tale, Hollyoaks has suggested a secret connection.

In the wake of Sienna Blake''s discovery that her twins'' father, Warren Fox, was responsible for killing Brody Hudson, this connection will come to light.

Sienna is determined to seek revenge for her late boyfriend, so she meets up with Brody''s best friend Damon Kinsella to pay for Warren.

Sienna, aka The Undertaker, is battling her outward against her underworld employer.

Norma agrees to take out Warren, yet Sienna is stunned to discover that The Undertaker offered Warren a job within her criminal empire.

Sienna is left attempting to figure out how to deal with revenge without Warren realizing what she has done, so she tries to convince Warren to withdraw his jobber offer.

Warren isn''t having any of Sienna''s plotting, as he believes that her position with Norma is too good to pass up. It''s up to Sienna to get revenge.

Viewers know that Sienna is willing to go to extreme lengths to get her way, including trying to kidnap her twins from Warren and attempting to kill multiple enemies over the years.

Jacob Roberts, who plays Damon in the cast, has speculated that his character will go to the dark side with Sienna to have his best friend.

"They never got on, but the more they work together, the more they understand one another," the actor told Inside Soap. "And they both want Brody''s same thing justice, and revenge on Warren!"

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