The star of Better Call Saul suggests bigger roles for the return of the Breaking Bad cast

The star of Better Call Saul suggests bigger roles for the return of the Breaking Bad cast ...

Bob Odenkirk, who plays Better Call Saul, has suggested that returning Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will have bigger roles than expected in the show''s final episodes.

Back in April, it was confirmed that the pair would start reprimanding their characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from the original series, although the nature of their return remains to be discovered.

Odenkirk, who plays Saul Goodman, described the event as a "full-circle moment," implying that the appearances will equal to more than brief cameos.

"It was] so nice," he told "Seeing Bryan and Aaron playing Walt and Jesse... It''s not just one time... And it was amazing."

The midseason finale of Better Call Saul has recently been revealed, which left fans on a bleak note, with the final six episodes expected to air next month.

Odenkirk said on what to expect, "Well, I know what happens. I cannot tell you where he is today, you''d know... But it''s sad to see him go. He''s still alive in my heart, and I''ll see what happens over the next few episodes." You''ll see "Well, I''m not a fan of him."

Peter Gould, the show''s director, questioned Cranston and Paul''s performances, suggesting that they will not be what viewers expect.

"Yes, I believe it''s safe to say that," he told Entertainment Weekly after being asked whether Better Call Saul will start to spend more time on the Breaking Bad timeline. "But it may not happen the same way you expect or when you''d expect."

Despite Odenkirk''s health troubles last year, Gould confirmed that the final season was almost canceled.

Better Call Saul is available on AMC in the United States and on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

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