Martin Hancock, who plays Spider and Toyah in Coronation Street, talks about a Spider and Toyah reunion

Martin Hancock, who plays Spider and Toyah in Coronation Street, talks about a Spider and Toyah reun ...

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Martin Hancock, who plays Spider in Coronation Street, has talked about his return as a beloved character, and what it might be for Toyah Battersby''s ex-girlfriend.

After almost two decades off the screen, ITV bosses revealed that Martin is resurrected.

The actor was describing his character''s return, but said Spider was "a bit creakier than he used to be" but said the Spider is "apparently similar to the one we know and love.

"The story is that Toyah''s got this demonstration with the council and recycling and they were not meeting up to their duties," Martin said.

"Actually, I think he was already doing a protest in the area, and he happened to come by, but yeah she made the call out, and Spider answered."

When asked whether Spider and Toyah could have a romantic reunion, Martin said that the pair will always''think the world'' of each other, and that it will not change.

"Whenever they''ve gone, it''s always been with love in their hearts," he said. "They''ve always been friends.

"It''s very important that everyone is to say that they''re together or not together," Spider thinks of her world and she believes of him in everything he does. "There''s no substitute for friendships for life. Whether it''s together or as friends, it doesn''t matter, and I believe Spider and Toyah are like that."

The star said, "Spider is a guy who wants the best for everyone, but particularly for those he cares about and whom he cares for."

"So he''s more than happy to be a shoulder to cry on, and who knows what to do with Spider."

Spider''s return comes after news that Todd Boyce is reprising his role as Audrey''s son Stephen for the first time since 2007.

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