Dion Giannarelli, star of Married At First Sight, renews her romance with an ex

Dion Giannarelli, star of Married At First Sight, renews her romance with an ex ...

Dion Giannarelli, star of First Sight, has revived his friendship with Nikki Walton.

The TV groom confirmed the relationship by posting a photo of himself and Nikki on Instagram with the caption:

"Logies after a party was a very special event, and it was even more special to share it with my number 1 @nikkiwalt0n #happy #love."

Dion Giannarelli''s post has been shared by the United Kingdom. (@diongiannarelli)

The Melbourne-based developer previously admitted that he had "found love on the Gold Coast," although he didn''t disclose anything until now about the mystery lady.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the couple had an on-again off-again relationship before Dion ended it just weeks before his television marriage with Carolina Santos, who blindsided him when she became involved in a friendship with Daniel Holmes.

"It made no secret that he had a child on the outside. He told castmates that the call was made quits five weeks before his wedding [to Carolina]," said a source in March.

He then debunked the speculation and told Yahoo: "No, that''s certainly not the case at all. I was single when I got to the show, and I was single when I signed up."

Carolina spoke out about the on-screen relationship on the show, claiming that many of the couples had actually split up earlier in the season, including co-stars Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar.

When asked whether the couple "split at the [couples''] retreat but fake it for fame ''til the end," the reality star said: "Look, it''s difficult to say because you don''t know what happens behind closed doors, but I think they did, anyway.

"Most of the couples knew that their relationship would never go anywhere in the outside world," says the couple, who served until the conclusion of the TV time. Married at First Sight Australia is available on E4 and is now available on All 4.

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