Stephen Reid of Coronation Street will issue an ultimatum in his return plot

Stephen Reid of Coronation Street will issue an ultimatum in his return plot ...

The spoilers for Coronation Street follow.

Stephen Reid, who plays Gail Platt in Coronation Street, is set to issue an ultimatum for the second time.

Audrey''s drinking issue has become more apparent recently, and Stephen will return to the cobbles later this week as Audrey collapses at The Salon.

Her son discovers her and knocks down the door, while the rest of the family are elsewhere having an emergency meeting on how to drink. Stephen later discovers them and expresses her displeasure that none of them recognized her as missing.

Stephen apologizes to Gail for blaming her over Audrey''s accident in follow-up scenes, and offers so far to assist the pair make peace despite their conflict over Audrey''s drinking.

Stephen and Gail arrive on Audrey''s bedside, and he advises his mother that she and Gail don''t make up, and that he will depart on the first plane.

Will Audrey be able to make peace with her daughter?

Stephen and Elaine have a sparked connection, as the latter recalibrates for his help.

Actor Todd Boyce, who plays Stephen, teased recent a romantic romance plot between his character and Elaine.

"First off, there''s a bit of an attraction between him and Elaine," he said.

"Historically, he was a bit of a kid, and I love the repetition of that. He appears to be attracted to women who are a little older than him, not as much older than in the past, but he certainly isn''t after younger women on the streets."

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