Fiz Stape of Coronation Street is facing another pre-wedding crisis

Fiz Stape of Coronation Street is facing another pre-wedding crisis ...

There are plenty of spoilers for Coronation Street.

Fiz Stape is set to face another serious pre-wedding meltdown in the wake of her nuptials with Phill Whittaker on Coronation Street.

Last week, Phill informed his bride-to-be that his mother Mimi planned to attend the wedding, which didn''t please Fiz, given they haven''t experienced exactly the same symptoms.

Mimi had originally turned down the invitation, but Fiz put her foot down when Phill told her that his mother wanted to be involved in the preparations, stating that Mimi could only participate in the ceremony.

Fiz gets worked up in anticipation of Mimi''s arrival in new scenes, and when Hope finishes her groomsmaid dress, Fiz is concerned about her veil being broken.

Fiz lets it be known that the event must be successful as Hope comes in. However, does Hope have other ideas?

Evelyn is left chastised later on in the week when Fiz is forced to request Mimi to stay, informing her that there isn''t any hotel she can take in her dog Coco.

Mimi is knocked over by Evelyn''s own dog Cerberus, which has slammed hip.

Is the relationship between the two going to be a nightmare for everyone?

Iain MacLeod, a show producer, discussed this year''s love triangle plot between Fiz, Tyrone, and Phill, and revealing on Digital Spy and other media: "Fiz will end up in a huge dilemma about where her future lies.

"I think I understand what Fiz''s happy ending looks like, but it will be a long, brilliant and complicated process for both parties. So, even if you find yourself wanting your ex back, is it that straightforward? Will pride, and your family, let you?

"I think it''ll be a cracking year for that family." As if it wasn''t fantastic enough, you''ve got Evelyn in the corner, offering her acidic asides."

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