In the attack aftermath, Emmerdale's Nicola King makes a surprising Carl plan

In the attack aftermath, Emmerdale's Nicola King makes a surprising Carl plan ...

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Nicola King of Emmerdale is still shaken up following her brutal assault and car accident, but in next week''s episodes, she presents a plan involving her stepon Carl to assist her.

Carl is ill and has to take a few days off school, and Nicola decides to exaggerate his illness in order to keep him safe, even if it''s evident that the boy intends to return.

While Elliot and Angel depart to school, Carl remains unconvinced about why he must stay at home with Nicola.

Nicola is moving on to a panic attack, but Carl is always ready to assist her.

Nicola then attempts to keep Carl happy by looking for chocolate, but the kid sees this as an opportunity to get out of the house. Carl takes her phone and rushes outside, leaving Nicola alone and fearful of having to follow him out.

"It''s a stroke of luck for Nicola, it''s a danger," said Nicola Wheeler of Digital Spy and other media about the scenes, revealing: "It''s a lot of luck for her, because Carl is ill. He has a tummy problem."

"She then latches onto Carl, and he becomes her security blanket, imagining that, "If he''s in the house, I''ll be okay." She keeps him off school.

Carl gets confused because he''s feeling better and wants to go to school. It''s quite strange for a 7-year-old, but he does. ''I''ve got football today,'' she said.

The actress then explained her character''s reasoning in keeping Carl at home.

"And as we all know, it''s not going to happen, because the house isn''t a safe haven to her. What she requires is help," she said.

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