In a new trailer, Casualty gives us the first look at the tragic aftermath of Ollie

In a new trailer, Casualty gives us the first look at the tragic aftermath of Ollie ...

Note: This article contains references to a child''s death and a fictional school shooting.

Casualty spoilers follow.

The BBC soap has dropped a first look at the aftermath of Ollie Hide.

Ollie and her friend Rob carried out a mass shooting at their school last weekend''s (June 18) delay.

The pair planned to kill as many students as they could, and then themselves; while Ollie eventually fought to put the trigger on his friend and himself, Rob eventually shot him, his latter later dying after trying to outrun police officers.

As he was rushed to ED, David learned of his son''s involvement, and while Ollie was arrested while being transferred to theatre, he eventually went into cardiac arrest and died.

A new trailer for this weekend''s double episode shows a broken David, who bears the brunt of his son''s actions with the word "murderer" vandalism on his house, while a brick is also thrown through his window.

"After all, the empty threats against David were not so empty," Charlie Fairhead said, and the emergency services were later notified as they arrived in the wake of an attack on David.

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New spoilers claim that David will be targeted by a mob and left with serious injuries, as Dylan and Jacob try to treat him in resus, although the consequences they may be more severe than expected.

Following the horrific events in Uvalde, Texas, the shooting episode was originally delayed by a week, and the BBC confirmed that the episode was under investigation.

"In light of recent tragic news events, we are reviewing the episode of Casualty, which will be released on BBC One on 11th June," they said at the time in a letter to Digital Spy.

On Saturday, June 25, Casualty resumes with a double episode on BBC One. All episodes may be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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