As children cause chastises, Kim Kardashian refuses to make a live TV interview

As children cause chastises, Kim Kardashian refuses to make a live TV interview ...

Kim Kardashian was invited on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (January 21) night, but her appearance on the chat show failed to go quite like expected.

When she brought two of her children to the studio, the reality star tried to disrupt parenting and press.

Kardashian chatted with Fallon with her three-year-old sons, Psalm, and 6-year-old Saint on the sidelines.

The Skims businesswoman was unable to comment on her interview until the children remained. She immediately paused her conversation with Fallon, enjoying them to stop misbehaving and quieten.

"Guys, can you stop? This is your first time working with me, please," Kardashian said.

"My two boys are here, and I hear them making so much noise," she said of the disruption to the audience.

"Guys, this is your first time at work with me, don''t mess this up, come on," she told her children.

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As Kardashian attempts to keep kids in check, Fallon exasperates.

The reality icon and businesswoman tried her best to settle back into her conversation with Fallon, but soon had to scold the children once more for being too yelling.

Kardashian claims: "You have to go, guys."

Fallon said he''ll not have to reassure restless children. They can go back if you don''t feel like going here. It''s okay.

Kardashian laughed as her younger son, Psalm, was taken out of the studio and headed backstage: "He was being loud."

The reality star is married to a total of four children, who she shares with her ex-husband Kanye West.

The famous former couple is married to two boys and two young children aged nine to three.

The Kardashians are now available on Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Hulu in the United States.