Following Zack's retalia, Nancy Carter of EastEnders makes a plan to leave

Following Zack's retalia, Nancy Carter of EastEnders makes a plan to leave ...

The spoilers for EastEnders follow.

Following her boyfriend Zack''s betrayal in EastEnders, Nancy Carter has made an exit strategy.

Nancy learned earlier this week that Zack agreed to cheat on her with Sam Mitchell after they''d had a disagreement about Linda''s future. Zack approached her by proposing, putting Nancy on the verge.

The Wednesday (Jun 22) episode featured a lot of drama as Nancy contemplated whether she might ever give Zack another chance.

Zack was determined to make things right with his girlfriend, despite his roommate Martin Fowler being encouraged to see these recent events as a sign to leave the relationship unrest.

After the conversations between Nancy and Linda last week, Nancy admitted that part of her wanted to make things out with Zack.

Nancy discovers a bottle of vodka when it appeared like the Carters were making progress. Linda denied that she would not drink the alcohol, but her daughter admitted that their trust was now broken.

Nancy decided it was time to take a break from Zack. She dismissed the stereotype that their relationship has passed for good, but that''s not all.

Nancy reportedly announced that she''ll leave Walford forever, implying that she does not trust her. Neither of you. You''re only going to keep letting me down.

"Even if you don''t, I''ll just spend the rest of our relationship believing you are. I don''t want to live as often."

Is Nancy willing to stay with Zack and Linda?

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