Chas Dingle of Emmerdale makes a massive error over Faith's cancer

Chas Dingle of Emmerdale makes a massive error over Faith's cancer ...

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Chas Dingle made a big mistake in causing Faith''s cancer in Emmerdale.

Chas has been putting her mother in a position to continue treatment following Faith''s breast cancer diagnosis last week.

In Wednesday''s (June 22) episode, the Dingles were still digesting the news, as Cain and Moira decided it was time to reveal Kyle the truth.

There was still a lot of dissension over whether Faith should continue treatment. Chas continued to put pressure on her, insisting that the chemo would buy her time until there''s a cure.

Paddy was chastised by Chas''s reasoning, then she undermined Cain and Moira''s frank chat with Kyle, claiming that the boy "there''s every chance" Faith might be there "for a very long time."

"We''re not going to give up on her," said one emphatic Chas.

Cain and Moira were upset that Chas had misled Kyle, but they did not have a chance to have it out because Chas made a quick withdrawal.

Chas angrily accused the rest of the family of trying to talk Faith "into an early grave" and then took out her frustration by meeting up with Al for a second rendezvous.

Faith and Sarah bonded in a touching final scene about their health problems, admitting she was afraid of losing her nan.

"The fact that I''m going before you, that''s the one thing that''s an upside for me," Faith said.

Sarah expressed her gratitude to her nan who said, "I''ll miss you so much. You''re like my best friend."

Sarah asked whether extensive treatment is exactly what Faith truly wants, but her grandmother tried to put on a sweet face.

"What are you girls saying?" Faith says, "I''m leaning in like a boss."

Faith expressed gratitude to her granddaughter, but fear and sorrow rekindled as soon as she looked away. Will Faith open up to her family about her natural outlook?

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