Suki Panesar of EastEnders is making a shocking move over Ash's departure plan

Suki Panesar of EastEnders is making a shocking move over Ash's departure plan ...

The spoilers for EastEnders follow.

After another conversation with her mother Suki, Ash Panesar is planning to leave Albert Square once more.

Suki will attempt to halt Ash from leaving for a job at a new GP surgery alongside Nina Gupta in the coming episodes of BBC One. However, Ash refuses to give up her demands and insists she''ll leave for a job in Canada instead.

Nina meets with Suki to discuss a job for Ash, but she is stunned to learn that Nina is now dating Ranveer, leaving her more reluctant than ever to get Ash a job there. She then attempts to bribe her daughter into applying by giving her a car if she fails.

Ash is consternated to learn that her Canada job has been cut through, causing her to reluctantly notify her mother that she''ll take the job at Nina''s surgery.

Suki seems to have obtained her own path. This is until Ash realises her mother has actually been through her emails and knew about her work abroad, causing her to believe that Suki has once again enroiled in her life.

Suki requests that Ash return the car keys, alleging that she was lying other the job situation. Ash responds by calling Suki out for her controlling behaviour while Suki opens Ash''s laptop.

Ash confronts her mother for requesting a general practitioner job behind her back, but she is then forced to return after Nina overhears them.

Ash then falls off, but what will Suki have on her back then?

These scenes are available on BBC One on Monday, June 27 and Wednesday, June 28.

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