Simone Ashley of Bridgerton explains how'sensual snail sex' inspired romance scenes

Simone Ashley of Bridgerton explains how'sensual snail sex' inspired romance scenes ...

Bridgerton is notorious for having to be dirty under the sheets. Now Simone Ashley, who plays Kate Sharma in season 2, has revealed the motivation behind the romance scenes in the Netflix series. The answer is apparently a sense of snail sex.

Ashley released a video about some of her early sexual intimacy classes, including discovering how snails, erm, and get intimate. Right?

"It was the most embarrassing or most vulnerable, but it was a safe, intimate space," she said. "We aimed at observing different animals in order to portray different sequences or sexualities or how sensual something might be."

"For example, we look to how snails mate, and when snails mate, they produce a plasma that intertwines. So if it was a really sensual, slow kind of scene, wed be like, oh, its like the snail. And its superlike the plasma, like falling like honey," she said.

And thats not the only animal she and her cast members investigated. They also looked at dogs and chimpanzees to understand their mating patterns and apply it to the show.

"It''s very fast-paced and a different kind of style. So this sort of scene, was going to make it very funny and quirky and just like silly and lets think of like, this animal," she said. "So we would kind of focus on the other things around and then treat it like a dance and make it very character-driven."

"I think it just provided us all, like, the practice and expertise of how to be professional on a set such as that," she said. I absolutely found that within Bridgerton.

Ashley starred in Netflix''s Sex Education, which included intimate classes that ended up providing her with some help to prepare for Bridgerton. What do you think you should return to the popular show for a fourth season? The answer is clear:

"It''s a Bridgerton woman right now," she said.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Bridgerton are now available on Netflix.