Audrey Roberts escapes from Coronation Street and reveals disturbing scenes

Audrey Roberts escapes from Coronation Street and reveals disturbing scenes ...

There are also spoilers on Coronation Street.

Audrey Roberts has been shown horrific scenes on Coronation Street, as she has become trapped in the barbershop.

This disturbing cliffhanger was recorded during Wednesday''s double bill (June 22) as her family questioned whether she has a drinking problem.

Rita Sullivan questioned whether Audrey might be better to return to work after discovering Audrey having a drink in the Rovers during the daytime.

As she encourered Ryan Connor, Audrey reacted to the news by sneading a bottle of wine with her family at the barber shop.

When David tried to get Audrey to return, she tripped over a Thai elephant on the floor and nearly hurt herself.

Audrey blame Kelly Neelan for her near-tumble and promptly fired her and then dismissed David when he tried to defend the girl.

Maria Connor was later dissatisfied with Audrey playing table football with Ryan. Maria tried to break things up, but she was dismissed.

Gail was able to ecstasy to chat with Audrey about her drinking, but Audrey would not hear anything about it and said she was coming back. Immediately.

As the Platts gathered at the pub, they considered whether getting her son Stephen Reid involved might help Audrey cope with her drinking problems.

Audrey was spooked around the barber shop when she arrived for her glasses. She fell backwards and was pulled under the motorcycle.

Will Audrey be aided by someone?

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