As Djo, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery launches his next solo composition

As Djo, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery launches his next solo composition ...

Joe Keery, who plays a large part in the Free Guy and Spree films as well as the massive Netflix series, is mostly known as an actor. He is also a prolific musician.

After publishing two albums with the band Post Animal, Keery began releasing songs under the guise of Djo in 2019, dropping a well-received album called Twenty Twenty.

He''ll have a new album, DECIDE, going out on September 16 with a single called "Change," which is now available.

Keery is continuing his quest to avoid chart trends and follow a ''70s-inspired path.

Driving home the gloomy joy of his brand is his Instagram photo announcing the album, in which he dressed up as a dodgy salesman and delivers an infomercial in a slow-down voice.

Djo''s post (@djotime) is shared.

According to a press release, "DECIDE" is a sort of aural history of Keery''s late 20s. It involves reflections on growth, relationships, and navigating it all in a world filled with technology at its core.

"It''s his sonic ambitions to take these introspections and transform them into a conflicted reality," says the listener.

After the first set of season four episodes, fans were concerned about Keery''s Stranger Things character Steve.

The Duffer brothers responded to concerns he might die, stating: "Everybody''s always worried about Steve. I love it.

"We always need to defeat Steve up somehow, so certainly the Demobats have done that job quite well this season."

Season 4 of Stranger Things premieres on Netflix on July 1, while second half is streaming.