13 Reasons Why star's latest horror is The Ring, but with a cursed smile

13 Reasons Why star's latest horror is The Ring, but with a cursed smile ...

In her first look at the horror film Smile, Sosie Bacon is diagnosed with traumatic events.

The next film is putting Bacon''s character Dr Rose Cotter in the midst of a series of bizarre and terrifying events that appear to be incomplete.

A new patient alerts Rose with a tale of seeing something beyond explainable an entity smiling at her.

After this patient''s death, she says, "I need to find an explanation for what happened."

Kyle Gallner of The Walking Dead understands the existence of 19 murder cases, all linked by a strange stare.

Rose''s quest for answers becomes a race against time when she begins seeing the smile. How long will Rose be born?

Adam Fishbach, Marty Bowen, Isaac Klausner, and Wyck Godfrey, all stars in the film, influenced by writer-director Parker Finn, who plays with Love, and I''m considering ending things. Robert Salerno is also on the lookout for

Along with the trailer, a poster for Smile has been released, bringing the film''s title to life, as some of the shocking wallpaper recreates a tense figure.

Jessie Usher, the Boys'' Designated Survivor actor Kal Penn, Batwoman''s Judy Reyes, and Stranger Things actor Rob Morgan have all joined up for Smile.

Something tells us: In this situation, A-Train''s super-speed and Kiki Roulette''s Joker buzzer will not help you out!

Sosie Bacon, the lead singer of Smile, is most likely to play troubled teen Skye Miller in Netflix''s 13 Reasons Why, and has also appeared in Narcos: Mexico and Mare of Easttown.

Smile will be available in the United States on September 30, 2022 and is only expected to "coming soon" to the United Kingdom. Hopefully, it will arrive for the Halloween season!

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