Natalie Cassidy, star of EastEnders, talks about Sonia Fowler's sexuality

Natalie Cassidy, star of EastEnders, talks about Sonia Fowler's sexuality ...

Natalie Cassidy, an EastEnders icon, has written about her character Sonia Fowler''s sexuality, admitting that it''s "complicated."

Sonia has had a great relationship with men and women throughout her time on Albert Square, with series managers hinting in 2017 that she was one of the few bisexual characters from soapland.

Natalie Cassidy claims that removing the shambles isn''t that simple.

Natalie tells The Guardian that "Sonia''s sexuality is complicated." Reflecting on Walford''s time as the favourite trumpeter and her surprise departure from EastEnders in 2007 following Sonia''s kiss with Naomi Julien.

"People come up to me and say, ''Oh, you''re not a lesbian anymore.'' The truth is that Sonia can fall for anyone, either man or woman.''

Cassidy, who became on the market in 1993 and joined the Jackson family, explained his love for Sonia, revealing that she enjoys being "dull."

"Sonia" is dull. She''s bored. I like that about her. She works really hard as a nurse before arriving home, and there''s always someone who isn''t the family she''s looking after.

"I like that at the moment, she lives alone." She isn''t always looking for love anymore.

Sonia''s future on the soap appears to be here to stay, with Natalie asserting that Sonia is "[T]ned to EastEnders."

"You have these big stars who come and go," she said, "but Sonia''s like the curtains or the walls or the wallpaper. You need that for the soap opera to be successful."

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