In the latest episode of the season, the Flash star discusses shock death twists

In the latest episode of the season, the Flash star discusses shock death twists ...

The Flash spoilers follow.

Tom Cavanagh of Returning The Flash has talked about the big moments in the CW show''s latest episode.

This month, the actor joined Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash, and a number of death twists occurred in season 8''s ''Negative, Part One.''

Deon drained Thawne''s body to death. After Barry''s arms were used as a shield against the Flash, which resulted in terrible Thawne''s resurrection, but she popped through good Thawne''s face.

"At first, I was like, ''How can you do the show without Iris?'', but Carlos Valdes felt like the show''s heart and soul."

"It''s going to be up to the individual''s Worry Meter as long as the numbers are there."

Cavanagh praised the actors for their extraordinary moments of the episode, including Thawne''s surprising resurrection in a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"What''s nice is that people who understand the program a lot better than me, and I imagine you''re one of them," says the narrator. I have heard from a lot of people of this calibre that they were particularly surprised by the next moment, the resurrection moment, and it''s because it''s inspired by the narrative."

"I believe that the reason that you did not see it coming is because the writers'' room did a great job of supporting it storywise, which makes the resurrection moment so much more visceral and enticing."

When asked about how this resurrected Thawne would differ from the Thawne fans have seen before, the actor wasn''t willing to give anything away, declaring that fans will "just need to watch."

"The lovely thing about this is that you didn''t see that moment coming. We''ve got some more of that on the way, and I don''t want you to deprive you of those same emotions for when you see it," he said.

The Flash premieres on The CW in the United Kingdom. Sky Showcase and NOW air the show in the United Kingdom.