The reboot of Gossip Girl suggests the return of the original cast member

The reboot of Gossip Girl suggests the return of the original cast member ...

Is the reboot of Gossip Girl on track to re-start an original cast member? Well, a new teaser suggests it.

In a new video on social media, we see ourselves sliding through a curtain at the side of an empty theatre, before it zooms in on a woman sitting in the audience.

"It takes one spark to start a fire," the words express on the screen, with the caption of the post stating: "And I have a conviction that this city is about to burn."

I have a sentiment that this city will wreak havoc on it.

While she cannot be completely made out, the lady herself looks suspiciously like Georgina Sparks (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) who appeared in the original Gossip Girl show.

A biopic showrunner Joshua Safran posted a post stating, "How do you define messy? "Is it fun-on-purpose messy or destruction-related? I guess it''s interesting to see this post from GG today."

When Sparks appeared on the original show, she appeared intermittently throughout the six seasons.

The reboot series made its debut last year, with the final featuring cameos from a number of original show stars, and it appears that its second sortie will include plenty of more drama at least according to an interview with Safran in December.

Confirming that the event will take place shortly following season one, he expressed concern that fans will benefit from Obie''s girlfriend Grace.

Shan added to Safran: "She''s a rebel and a rabble-rouser." You can''t quite get a handle on her, but you know that she loves you and has your best interests at hand even if she goes around it in the wrong way."

In the United Kingdom, Gossip Girl airs on HBO Max, and has been broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.