The director of Umbrella Academy is "really honored" of the way the show handled the Viktor transition

The director of Umbrella Academy is "really honored" of the way the show handled the Viktor transiti ...

Steve Blackman, the creator of The Umbrella Academy, has expressed his admiration for how Viktor Hargreeves'' season 3 preparations.

Following Elliot Page''s departure as transgender in 2020, the character''s journey has been included in the series, with the show''s director reporting that the script for the new season had been finished as the actor shared his transition to Blackman.

The creator claimed it was "very important" that they collaborated on how the Netflix series will be included, and that it was collaborating with Thomas Page McBee, a transgender writer and boxer, where he "learned a lot more."

Viktor''s parents'' reactions and their supportive nature were addressed, according to him: "We wanted to make a story that was genuine, authentic, sensible, and that families can accept trans people in their lives, and it does not have to be a negative thing, as it''s often seen in the media.

"I''m really proud of how we handled the whole thing," said Elliot. I thought it came across in a way that we all felt well.

In an interview with Seth Meyers on Late Night, Page discussed the impact his coming out journey had on his life earlier this week.

"I believe it''s made me stronger in so many ways," said he. "As a person, as a friend, and in relationships, it''s drastically improved my life," he said. "I hope that people who have an issue with me may learn about that and embrace it on some level."

Page said that when we first discussed it, [Blackman] seemed very excited about making it appear on the show.

Seasons 1-3 of The Umbrella Academy are now available on Netflix.