Lisa Riley of Emmerdale confirms her return to Mandy Dingle after a terrible loss

Lisa Riley of Emmerdale confirms her return to Mandy Dingle after a terrible loss ...

As she has not featured in recent episodes of the ITV series, Emmerdale fans have missed the beloved and lively Mandy Dingle.

After suffering the tragic death of her grandmother, Lisa Riley was taking a break from the show. She did not attend the British Soap Awards earlier this month due to her family''s displeasure.

Despite her return to Emmerdale, the soap actress has now provided some positive feedback to fans.

The actress took the opportunity to get back to work on Instagram and has been photographing scenes for the ITV soap for the first time, as well as launching a fresh project.

Riley shared a smiley selfie on her feed, stating that: "I''ve just completed filming a lovely day at @emmerdale, and now I''m heading in the car down south to film something other for the day," she said of the post. "I''m looking forward to it."

The soap star was kept tight-lipped about the other mystery project she was filming, but went on to share additional details of her Emmerdale return.

Lisa Riley (@lisajaneriley) posts a post.

When one fan asked when he might anticipate Mandy returning to Emmerdale, Riley said: "Middle of July."

Her followers were surprised to hear that she was returning in front of cameras once more.

"Can''t wait to see Mandy back in Emmerdale," one Instagram user wrote, adding: "Miss Mandy in Emmerdale, but I hope you''re keeping an eye on the outcome."

Riley paid tribute on social media to him, saying, "Today, we know, will be the toughest day, we lean on each other, you are now at peace, yet we all enjoy your energy around the house. God has acquired another Angel. May you light up heaven with your warmth and your infectious smile. I will be attempting to be strong for ourselves."

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