Sarah Barlow of Coronation Street is set to face a tough challenge in the death of Toyah

Sarah Barlow of Coronation Street is set to face a tough challenge in the death of Toyah ...

There are also spoilers for Coronation Street.

Toyah Battersby of Coronation Street is still struggling as she continues to suspect in Imran Habeeb''s death following a car accident.

Toyah (Georgia Taylor) returns to Underworld after being chosen to pay Leanne (Jane Danson) the money for her legal bills in the upcoming scenes.

Sarah Barlow (Tina O''Brien) will be put in a difficult situation as Toyah snaps with customers on the phone. Sarah begins to worry about her return.

Will Sarah reconsider when Jo Lafoe (Marnie Baxter) informs Sarah that employing a suspect in a murder case might not be a good idea for her and her company?

Corrie aired Imran''s (Charlie de Melo) final scenes following a tragic automobile accident with Toyah in previous episodes.

Their car was thrown into scaffolding on their way back from the police station. Imran was able to drag Toyah out of the vehicle completely, but his health deteriorated shortly afterwards, and he suffered a fatal heart attack at the scene.

"It''s a strange feeling," de Melo said of Imran''s departure after a lot of effort was put into his last week.

"A lot of departments were working together to ensure that the scale of the project was as substantial as it feasibly might be.

"It felt like: ''Oh no, I''ve got to get this right, oh no!'' So it was good that it seemed to go well. This also dovetails much into what Georgia is going to be doing in the future, so the fact that she was satisfied with it meant a lot."

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