The 10 Best Perps in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ranked

The 10 Best Perps in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ranked ...

Brooklyn Nine-nine, a series based on its great humor and sentimentality, became a viewers'' favorite. With its unique approach to comedy, sentimentality, humorous character relationships, and representation of real-world issues, the show captivated audiences far and wide.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a cop show with dangerous situations and challenges, despite all its heartfelt traits. Despite the show''s many occurrences and risks, many criminals vowed to play crucial roles, but some of these were involved in outstanding narratives.

Trevor Podolski

After discovering that Jake has arrested his son, Jake takes him back to the office and uses his superior status to let Jake go.

After a conversation with Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), Jake decides to arrest Trevor for a second time, putting his duty under the worry of Podolski. Trevor''s arrest is a breakthrough in Peralta''s approach to his job, marking an achievement after the new captain''s arrival.

Debbie Fogle

When she was on patrol, Debbie Fogle (Vanessa Bayer) was joined with Capt. Raymond Holt, according to Madeline Wuntch, the new acting commissioner in the ninety-ninth. She appears to be blending in the background, outshone by the detectives in the building. She is a gentlemen who is capable of acting without being concerned.

Debbie steals cocaine and weapons from the evidence lock-up, but is easily caught because of her naivete, utilizing the opportunity to give it to her advantage.


Ratko (Nick Gracer) is the villain of the pilot episode. He was a Serbian criminal who served as a butcher at Beneficio''s Gourmet Market. Police were investigating the murder of Henry Morgenthau, a luxury food importer who was murdered in his apartment.

Jake informs Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) that he is escapeing from the scene. Jake decides to pursue him and catches him in a raid on his storage facility in Boerum Hill he frequents.

Eleanor Horstweil

Eleanor Horstweil (formerly Boyle) is Charles Boyle''s ex-wife, who bullies him throughout their marriage and long after their divorce. She also forced him to rent out her basement when she divorced him and became married, which was truly distressing.

Eleanor (Kathryn Hahn) is the worst. While Charles has a bit of mediocre luck with women until Genevieve (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is unfreezed before receiving a vasectomy as per Eleanor''s wish. Jake ultimately makes him realize that Charles will be a great father to any child, biological or not.

Caleb John Gosche

Caleb John Gosche (Tim Meadows) was Jake Peralta''s cellmate during his time at the Jericho Supermax Prison for two episodes of Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He was sentenced to three life sentences for cannibalism and has already spent 15 years in jail.

Jake is also appearing in season 6 of the show when he is looking for a serial killer who was murdering young people and carving out their hearts. Although he is a little scary and unsettling, Caleb is a great friend to Jake and supports him throughout his time in prison. He is also one of the most engaging criminals.

Disco Strangler

Ernest Zumowski (Kevin McDonald), aka the Disco Strangler, was an unhinged murderer who used yo-yo strings to murder his victims. He is Captain Raymond Holt''s arch-nemesis, and faked his own death as part of an elaborate prison break. Although he is immediately suspicious, Captain Holt is immediately suspicious, and the medical examiner confirms his body''s DNA matches the same of Ernest.

When a camera discovers that the strangler faked his death and fled through the woods, it becomes clear that the suspect is responsible for directing a crew through the city, leading to a (not so) epic encounter between Holt and "the most dangerous man in America," who is now a crippled octogenarian.

John Kelly

John Kelly, a commissioner of the New York Police Department, was planning a "vigilant policing initiative, which was just a cover for the "stop-and-frisk." When Capt Raymond Holt was elected, and when the captain opposed his cruel policies, he made it his lifes mission to make things difficult for his staff. He introduces an app to allow the public to send in anonymous information.

The Nine-nine, along with the Suicide Squad: Vulture (Dean Winters), CJ (Ken Marino) and Madeline Wuntch - both expose him, and he is fired. Though, later in the show, Madeline Wuntch - the new acting commissioner tells Holt that Kelly had secured a "higher-paying position in the private sector."

Seamus Murphy

Seamus Murphy, the famous head of the most brutal crime family in New York City, is a gangster who manages to manipulate the squad at a particularly difficult time. In exchange, Capt. Holt convinces Amy to withdraw the deal, owing Seamus.

Seamus is attempting to sacrifice his hand to assist a crime, but the squad outwits him, threatening to murder Kevin Cozner (Marc Evan Jackson), Holt''s husband, resulting in Kevin being hidden in a safe house and the organization doing so every day.

Melanie Hawkins

Melanie Hawkins (Gina Gershon) is a lieutenant on bank robberies that have happened for over three months. Jake and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) are a real pleasure to join her team. When it is revealed that she is a dirty cop and her team includes the Golden Gang bank robbers.

Melanie takes Jake and Rosa as a kid in an attempt to flee their job. Eventually, she is found guilty and detained, but her time at Brooklyn Nine-Nine is just one of the best stories on the show.

Doug Judy

Douglas "Doug" Judy (Craig Robinson), aka the Pontiac Bandit, is a thief and con artist famous for theft of over 200 Pontiacs. They both have an ingenious and laid-back attitude that led them together. Despite Jake''s attempts to arrest him, Doug has discovered his way out of Jakes grasp and is running for the hills.

Jake announces a special goodbye to Doug in the finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, giving him a second chance at living. They refer to their friendship as PB&J: Pontiac Bandit and Jake, after the widely regarded Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.