Neil Gaiman said that 'The Sandman' would have the same fate as 'Howard the Duck.'

Neil Gaiman said that 'The Sandman' would have the same fate as 'Howard the Duck.' ...

Neil Gaiman, the creator of The Sandman, revealed that he took more than three decades to accept to produce a live-action adaptation of his comic book, because he believed his work would have the same fate as Howard the Duck. Gaiman, speaking to Total Film, said he would be very hard to ensure that no bad live-action version of The Sandman would ever be developed.

Gaiman recalled how George Lucas was making comic books into the big screen when he was a kid. Unfortunately, the iconic character continued to fail for years because no one wanted to risk another failure. After all, Gaiman did everything he could to keep up his knowledge about the Sandman''s transformation. As Gaiman explains it:

I had no doubt that we would always get here, but I was convinced that the most important thing was to prevent bad versions being made. When I was 14 or 15, my favorite comic was Howard The Duck. Steve Gerber, Gene Colan, Frank Brunner, satire, madness, glory... I was so glad when George Lucas appeared in a movie. And then I saw A new breed of heroin out. I never knew that would happen to Sandman. I had discovered scripts that would have made that happen.

We are all very curious to know which The Sandman scripts were as bad as Howard the Duck, but the Gaiman story is certainly a relief for those who don''t understand how Netflix can use the comic books. If Gaiman was reticing to adapt his work for decades, that means he truly believes Netflixs The Sandman is worthy of his legacy. In his words,

"I cant promise this is the Sandman of your dreams, but I can promise that he is honored of what we have done. I can say that Stephen Fry as Gilbert is waiting for you, Boyd Holbrook as the Corinthian, the serial-killers convention... We also get to punch above our weight on casting, because there are people who love Sandman and desperately want to be involved in it. Everybody is on Sandman because they love it. And its magic."

Gaiman, Allan Heinberg, and David S. Goyer have created the Sandman for Season 1, while Heinberg is also the showrunner. The Sandman''s first season will cover the story of The Sandman, Volume 1: Preludes & Nocturnes, a collection of comic book issues that follow Dreams'' capture by a religious in the early 1900s and his subsequent release a century later.

The Sandman will be available on Netflix on August 5.