In the film 'Zombies 3,' Seabrook gets out of this world visitors

In the film 'Zombies 3,' Seabrook gets out of this world visitors ...

The official trailer and key artwork for Disney+''s next expansion of the musical Zombie franchise. Zombies 3, a group of space aliens who infiltrate the student body of zombies, cheerleaders, and werewolves at Seabrook High. Now the students face the imminent danger that may end Seabrook high for the good. However, the pack isn''t willing to go down without a fight.

Milo Manheim plays zombie Zed and Meg Donnelly as cheerleader Addison, who are beginning their senior year at Seabrook High in a town that''s become a safe haven for monsters and humans alike. Addison is also excited to mark the opening of the towns brand-new cheer pavilion by inviting cheer teams from all over the world to compete in an international cheer-off.

The town is jeopardized by the arrival of a new group of intergalactic outsiders competing in the cheer-off. When they discover that the Aliens might be looking for more than a friendly competition, Manheim previously told ET.

I love that there is the transcendent message of accepting individuals in the whole franchise, but we should also encourage different individuals to be part of our circle, because then we can open our minds. It''s all about creating the paradise where you are.

Chandler Kinney plays Willa, Ariel Martin, Bree, Carla Jeffery, Bucky, Kylee Russell, Matt Cornett, A-lan, Kyra Tantao, and James Godfrey as Zoey. RuPaul Charles joins the cast as a voice of The Mothership.

Zombies 3 is a Disney+ animated film directed by Paul Hoen. The screenplay is composed by David Light and Joseph Raso. Hoen, Light, Raso, and Suzanne Farwell are all members of the cast.

The threequels from the hit music-driven franchise will air on Disney+ on 15 July. The special Lost Song version of the film will be released on Disney Channel on 12 August. During the tour, check out the new trailer and key art below.