Sunset is selling great revival news on Netflix, but one star will not be returning for Season 6 of the series

Sunset is selling great revival news on Netflix, but one star will not be returning for Season 6 of  ...

The streaming channel Selling Sunset, a reality series about the personal and professional lives of top L.A. real estate agents, has become a fairly popular hit among viewers, with selling Tampa in December 2021, and selling The OC coming in August 2022. However, the mothership series has now received some significant renewal news from the streaming platform, but that good news is coupled with the news that one star is not returning for Season 6.

Sunset was sold for two additional seasons on Netflix, according to the company.

The rumors were true in a rare pop culture moment. Last January, a ton of buzz sparked online, claiming that Selling Sunset had already earned the audience the approval for two more seasons. But Netflix has at least confirmed the speculation: Season 6 and Season 7 are a go, with the sixth set of episodes expected to begin filming later this summer.

Even without the earlier rumors sparked fans'' eagerness, the new report isn''t quite surprising. From the hoopla over Emma Hernans'' alleged Raya match-up with Ben Affleck to Chrishell Stauses surprising romantic rumors, Selling Sunset has been the talk of the town in a way that Netflix executives might wish they had done so far. So far, the realty series has won the MTV Movie and TV Awards, bringing home the best reality star (Stause)

Before Season 6, one star is departing from selling Sunset.

The only downside in Selling Sunset''s success is that it loses one of its original stars. TMZ reports that Maya Vander, who has been a part of the streaming hit for five seasons, is leaving for good. Rather, producer sources claimed Vander is considering to prioritize her growing family and her business in Miami, according to reports. Supposedly, she has already transferred her real estate license from the famous Oppenheim Group to the Miami company Compass.

Maya Vander is yet to be listed on Compass'' official website as one of their Miami real estate agents. But this Season 6 update isn''t too surprising if and when it''s confirmed to be true. For some time, the reality star had been leaving speculations about Selling Sunset.

Vander was adamant about making things "tough" after her son''s death in December of 2021, while she said, "I can not be an absentee mom." The alum also wished that the editors would usually end up only using a quick sound bite of her here and there.

What Else Is Up for Selling Sunset Season 6?

Maya Vander isn''t the only one walking away from Selling Sunset ahead of Season 6. Christine Quinn, who co-star, made the decision in the previous year. While rumors linger, Quinn had previously stated that she would figure into a future season somehow (and even had a logistics pitch), but while on her book promotion tour later, she claimed that she was free from the Netflix streamers.

Christine Quinn, an executive producer of Selling Sunset, claimed that the misconduct resulted in the actress being suspended when the cast was on the set, but said his retaliatory behavior against her continued. However, I cannot help but imagine whether the future of Selling Sunset will be forever without her and her drama.

I''m not sure why Quinn''s protege from Season 5, Chelsea Lazkani, has stated that she wants to promote more Black women on the show, so she''ll likely have to take on more of a role. Other alums will likely have to step up their game as well without Quinn there to continue to lean on.

Keep an eye on the latest. For the time being, fans may check out Selling the OC when it premieres on August 24 and all the other titles will be added on the Netflix TV schedule for 2022.