Craig Conover, a Southern Charm star, explained that Naomie Olindo had a knack for season 8 of the bombshell

Craig Conover, a Southern Charm star, explained that Naomie Olindo had a knack for season 8 of the b ...

On Southern Charm, the story of Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo''s relationship is a complex one. Towards the end, it was obvious that they had no choice but to date someone else in 2019, but now she''s back (and newly single once more) in Season 8. However, as a result of the two''s complicated history, I had a lot of questions as previously others. Luckily, the reality star is revealing some of it ahead of the next seasons premiere.

Naomie Olindo, who is apparently adamantly awaited her return to the reality series this year after the cheating scandal and the major breakup with her most recent ex, wrote that filming with her again wasn''t too bad, given that they had long-due conversations to haveh out themselves. Despite their claims, after or during the hookup, the hookup revelation came into play. Conover said, however, that his brief fling wasn''t the wild event that some fans might believe,

I''m glad that this happened. It was just closure that I could be, like, You know what? I can finally see what I want for my future and life. Just because we had never talked in four years, we still had three children. So, I think discovering [Metul] was cheating on her was terrible. It was a good thing for her. It was the closure I needed.

What exactly happened to the awkward timeline here? Craig Conover met his now-girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, while filming Winter House. During Conover''s eventual hookup with Naomie Olindo, they met each other at the time, although he explained to the outlet that he and DeSorbo were not yet exclusive.

Paige DeSorbo, her new beaus ex-girlfriend, has already shared with the media that she really likes DeSorbo, despite being greeted with respect even by Madison LeCroy and Craig Conover''s co-star. However, Conover feels dissatisfied with the awkward filming scenario for his significant other, who has had a crush on him since the early days of Southern Charm.

Everyone is facing a difficult time to be in it. I applaud her for that. I apologize for her. I regret that I put her in that position. She was a lot of help.

Paige DeSorbo said in the trailer that they would spend so much time with Naomie Olindo in Season 8 of Southern Charm. But fans did know DeSorbo admitted that it was inappropriate. Nevertheless, Conover claims that there is a lot to be discussed out now, including how he apparently gets combative with his ex at the start for just wreaking back into everyone''s lives after a prolonged absence.

Following an equally nasty breakup and MLB hookup allegations against Madison LeCroy during the last reunion, she was able to be a friend of the show, as opposed to a main cast member. However, those two artists have not been able to shading one another in the media when they get the chance.

Is there a way to feel about the twisted web they weave? At least Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo can act like reality actress professionals, am I right? Tune in tonight, June 23, at 9 p.m. EST to see how things play during the Southern Charm Season 8 premiere episode on Bravo, which also comes out next day with a Peacock Premium subscription.