While watching Jennifer Lopez's Halftime, I had five sensations

While watching Jennifer Lopez's Halftime, I had five sensations ...

I was often looking for many role models in the film and music industry growing up, either from classic films like West Side Story, where Rita Moreno would shine. As I get older, I realize that one of the people I loved - and looked up to a whole lot - was Jennifer Lopez.

From those exceptional dance skills to Jennifer Lopez''s hilarious rom-coms, a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx became a megastar. However, it only now, when I discovered her documentary, Halftime, I realized how little I actually knew about her - and how hard it takes.

While watching Halftime, here are five thoughts and feelings.

I Was Surprised At J-Los Upbringing

We all know that Jenny is from the Block, and she is pronounced as one of her songs. For some reason, I was concerned about the amount of time it took for her to get where she is. Perhaps this is because I grew up in a country where I was allowed to see Latinx actors and actors all the time in the media, but for her? That was rare.

She had to study her way up in the world, even leaving home at 18 after a fight with her mother about her future. It began with her beginning on In Living Color, a sketch series on Fox back in the 1990s, then ending up in Selena, which she surpassed her expectations.

I have had her so long to realize where she is now, and I must say, I have genuine respect. I didn''t know that she had come from so simple beginnings, even though she was from the Bronx. It was interesting to learn her backstory and how she got her job.

I was relieved that Hustlers almost did not get made.

Let me tell you that this movie was fantastic, and the cast of Hustlers was fantastic, and the story was inspirational, and it was a surprisingly amazing representation of how J-Lo still has the incredible acting skills that we all know she has had for years.

Deshalb it was erroneous to discover that Hustlers had so much push-back from studios at the start. Mostly because it was a female-led film.

Given that there are so many films in this world that end up getting canceled for many reasons, it''s not that shocking, however. Hustlers had a set cast, an incredible score, and a fantastic story - everything it needed to be a success, and to see that it almost didn''t happen was something that really got me.

When it comes to movies, there''s a lot of difference between watching her as a badass stripper and having her own career path that makes me grin every time. It''s a terrible demise that she was denied an Academy Award nomination for her role as Ramona.

I was stunned at how much work goes into the halftime shows.

My parents both worked at Radio City Music Hall in the United States. My dad even tours around the globe as a part of many large-time touring acts. So, here''s a good reason why we have enjoyed every half-time show.

Halftime awoke my eyes as to how much planning is involved in these small concerts.

I always felt that this sort of program takes a long time to plan, including effects, setlists, costumes, props, and choreography, but seeing Jennifer Lopez begin planning from the start up was a completely different experience. It''s unbelievable how they can even manage this amazing spectacle all within a few months, and watch it all come together.

I mean, even the inclusion of pole-dancing with Jennifer Lopez''s act, using the skills she learned for Hustlers, was a great addition to this incredible performance of the two Latina artists. I can only imagine the amount of time and effort it must have taken to make sure that part was perfect.

When I saw J-Lo again, I was surprised by how the media treated him.

I will say it once more to the back-to-back folks - I was born in 1998 and was only just beginning to get into Jennifer Lopez'' movies when I was 12, so I really knew nothing about the controversy she faced because of her relationships or her figure. I must express my gratitude to Halftime for teaching me.

I always felt so much respect for Jennifer Lopez because because I was young enough to learn to appreciate my natural curves and body that my Latina genes had given me. And that she was literally cast aside from Hollywood at first because of how she looked astounded me. And this made me angry even more when comedians and celebrities began to focus on her curves, and everybody was always staring at her figure because it was so different.

I was so irritated with the idea that she was bombarded by mainstream media just for who she was. I know that her relationships were always very public, but I didn''t know how far some of these tabloids had gone just so they could get some grim reports. It honestly blew me off - so many times.

Jennifer Lopez has been even more successful than ever before, and all of her haters and doubters can just close up. Sorry not sorry.

I''ve developed some very special respect for the impact J-Lo has on pop culture.

Before watching Halftime, I had even had a terrible respect for Jennifer Lopez, but this changed her mind.

I mean, I had no notion that the iconic dress she wore to the Grammys, the Donatella Versace green dress, was literally what motivated Google Images to be created, just because it was so popular. I knew that her music career was huge, and she had quite a lot of hits, but I never knew how many millions of records she had sold, far above seventy million.

I didn''t know that she was almost certainly involved in politics when I first watched her half-time show with Shakira. Even then, the fact that those children were in cages did not indicate that she was making a reference to the children in cages at the border at Mexico. But now was informed about the reason why she did it.

I had no clue that she was so passionate about giving back to her community and attempting to improve the world, and leaving a legacy worth remembering.

Seriously. Mad respect for her. Jennifer Lopez is something else entirely, and in the best way, because I don''t think there is another person out there that can be a triple threat like she is, and still portrays such a powerful message in one performance.

If you love Jennifer Lopez, I would highly recommend watching Halftime. Not only will you learn a lot of fascinating facts about this amazing artist, but you will fall even more in love with her for all of her accomplishments in her career, and whatever she intends to do next.

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